Training Trumps Gadgets in Reducing MSDs

Yesterday we looked at the five primary methods OSHA recommends for preventing ergonomic injuries in the workplace ( safe work practices, PPE, administrative controls, training, and engineering controls). Today we’ll look at ways to train your workforce on health- and money-saving ergonomic practices.

How to Prevent a SPATE of Ergonomic Injuries

The goal of ergonomics is to fit jobs to workers to make work easier, safer, and more comfortable. The problem comes when there’s a poor fit, which puts damaging stress on workers’ bodies. Here are some tips for improving your employees’ health—and your organization’s bottom line. Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) include a group of medical conditions […]

4 Keys to Reducing Stress in Your Workplace

Stress reportedly costs American businesses more than $300 billion a year in terms of poor performance, absenteeism, and healthcare costs. Yesterday we saw how the erratic economy has sent employee stress levels soaring. Today we’ll look at ways you can help your workers manage their stress. The potential sources of stress are many and varied. […]

13 Signs That Your Workers Are Burning Out

With the economy down, employees’ stress levels are up—no surprise there. But it’s a legitimate cause for concern for most employers, so today we bring you some strategies to help keep your employees from burning out. According to a new poll by Free & Clear, 86 percent of employers are concerned about the level of […]

Deck the Workplace with Safe Decorations

This week our Safety Training Tips Santa—er, editor—gives you some practical tips about decorating your workplace safely. Ho, Ho, Ho! Attention all elves! Right about now Santa’s probably announcing the holiday decoration rules for the workshop to all his elves. You should be doing the same thing. If you haven’t already, this week circulate a […]

Taking the Pain Out of Weather Emergencies Preparation

Yesterday we shared some tips for preparing your workers for weather emergencies. Today we’ll look at some of the legal, management, and training issues involved with weather emergencies—and at a product that will walk you right through the preparation process. Types of weather emergencies and natural disasters vary widely from one geographic area to another, […]

Weather Emergencies Preparation Won’t Wait

The recent brisk temperatures here in New England are chilly reminders that winter is on its way and with it the possibility of damaging snow and ice storms. But weather emergencies can strike anywhere anytime, and if workers aren’t prepared, the results can be catastrophic. Here are some tips for getting your workforce prepared. OSHA’s […]

Reduce Your Liability for Employee Cell-Phone Use

Yesterday we looked at a tragic—but all too frequent—case of an employee using a cell phone while driving and causing an accident with serious injuries. The victim sued the driver’s employer—an increasingly common occurrence—and the employer settled for millions of dollars. Today we look at how an appropriate policy can reduce your liability in such […]

Employers’ Cell-Phone Liability: Hard Lessons

More and more often, accident victims are suing the employers of people who cause accidents while talking on cell phones. Today we look at a classic case—and what it means for your organization. (The following information, courtesy of the OSHA Required Training for Supervisors monthly newsletter, is based on a real case.) Valerie Walker used […]

Wash Away Workplace Illness This Winter

Next week is National Hand Washing Awareness Week, and our Safety Training Tips editor explains how increased hand washing in the workplace can decrease the spread of infections—and lost workdays. Cold and flu season is just around the corner. That’s probably why next week, December 7–13, has been designated National Hand Washing Awareness Week. What’s […]