Take a Close Look at Close Calls

According to the National Safety Council, 75 percent of all accidents are preceded by one or more close calls. The difference between a close call and an accident might be a fraction of an inch or a split second of time. Either way, a close call is a call to action. . There are few […]

Tie One on for Safety

Drunk driving is a serious problem—even in the workplace. Today our Safety Training Tips editor tells you about an important program started by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). In 1986, MADD started its “Tie One on for Safety” campaign—which runs during the holiday season when drinking tends to increase—and involves drivers tying red ribbons on […]

More Forklift Questions, More Answers

Yesterday, we reviewed a selection of forklift questions that were answered by the safety experts at®. Today, we continue with more forklift questions and answers, and we’ll take a closer look at a powerful forklift safety training tool that can help ensure that your forklift operations always comply with OSHA requirements. Q. Is there […]


Your Forklift Questions Answered

Forklift operations raise many safety issues for employers. There’s a lot to know about OSHA requirements, and not all of it is well-known. Many of your colleagues have turned to our safety experts for answers to their safety forklift questions. Here’s a sample of interesting forklift questions sent in to our sister website,®, where […]

A Sound Ergonomics Program = Good Business Sense

OSHA estimates that 1.8 million workers each year report work-related MSDs such as carpal tunnel syndrome and low back pain. About 600,000 of these MSD injuries are serious enough to require workers to take time off work in order to recover. Ergonomic measures, if implemented effectively, will reduce these numbers. According to Safety Training Presentations’ […]

More Aggressive OSHA and New Ergonomics Standard?

The controversy surrounding the nomination of David Michaels as OSHA chief centers around Michaels’ stated intention to take a more aggressive regulatory and enforcement stance, and also focuses on a highly divisive issue—ergonomics. The battle over the Obama administration’s nominee to head OSHA, David Michaels, heats up as industry groups express concern over projected changes […]

Treats Can Be Tricky

Halloween is a big business and a long-standing tradition across the United States—so chances are high that your employees will be taking kids out trick or treating this year. Our Safety Training Tips editor recommends that you take a few minutes in your safety training this week to give workers some Halloween safety tips. Encourage […]

Night Driving Twice As Dangerous, Experts Say

Driving before sunrise or after sunset increases the risk of accidents. After-dark accidents also tend to be more severe. Simple precautions can protect drivers. It probably comes as no surprise to hear that there is a greater risk of fatigue-induced accidents at night, especially between midnight and 6 a.m. In fact, according to the Federal Motor […]

Time Change Means Increased Road Risks

This weekend marks the end of daylight saving time and, according to the experts, the beginning of a period in which the risk of traffic accidents increases due to the time change. "Since night falls an hour earlier, the commute home from work or school will likely be in the dark," says Adele Kristiansson, National […]

OSHA Encourages Workers to Speak Up—and You to Listen

Yesterday, we listed 14 specific workplace rights conferred on your employees by OSHA. Today, we’ll take a closer look at two key rights that sometimes get employers in trouble. OSHA encourages employees to be active players in their workplace’s safety and health effort. Specifically, OSHA encourages workers to join with employers in promoting safety on […]