PPE: Survey Shows Why Some Workers Won’t Use It

Why do some workers refuse to use the PPE that could save their health or life? A recent survey brings some surprising answers. In yesterday’s Advisor, we reported two conflicting pieces of news from the PPE front of the workplace safety wars. First, that on February 13, OSHA had put into effect its long- proposed […]

PPE: OSHA Rules You Have to Pay. But …

OSHA now has ruled that employers must pay for virtually all PPE. Too bad a new survey says many workers refuse to use it. As you may have heard, after years of dithering about it, OSHA finally decreed on February 13 that employers must pay for their workers’ personal protective equipment. While many organizations have […]

OSHA Recordkeeping Lapses: Why Do They Happen; What Should You Do?

When lapses in OSHA recordkeeping occur, the fault usually is with line managers. Here’s why it happens and how to keep them involved. Yesterday’s Advisor began a discussion of OSHA recordkeeping, starting with the 300 Log program, the basic form that requires reporting all workplace or workplace-related injuries and illnesses that cross OSHA’s threshold. The […]

OSHA’s 300 Log: What You May Not Know About It

The 300 Log program is the backbone of OSHA decision making, but only if the information you provide is both timely and accurate. Here are some tips to keep it so. It’s March. That means it’s time to check out big-time college basketball, the first glimmerings of spring … and whether you’ve got your OSHA […]

Put the Focus on Safety During NAOSH Week, May 4-10

This Friday, our Safety Training Tips Editor reminds us that next week is a special week for safety, with a chance to showcase what we’ve been doing … and should do all year.North American Occupational Safety and Health Week (NAOSH Week) runs from May 4-10 and is sponsored by the American Society of Safety Engineers […]

Successful Safety Training: Preparation Is the Key

In celebration of this extra day of the year, our Safety Training Tips editor provides an extra helping of training advice, along with the ingredient that makes it all work. Successful safety training that gives you a good ROI in terms of fewer accidents, better compliance, and lower costs doesn’t just happen. You have to […]

Safety Training for Spanish-Speaking Workers: More Tips

In our previous article, we defined the linguistic and cultural divide. Today, more ideas to bridge it. Yesterday’s Advisor began a discussion of safety training for Spanish-speaking employees with limited or no knowledge of English. This is an increasingly familiar situation as the Hispanic component of American business grows at 36 times the rate of […]

Training Hispanic Workers in Safety: Tips from the Experts

Training Hispanic workers in safety can present both linguistic and cultural challenges. Here are ideas from the experts on how to do it. “¡Peligroso! ¡No Entrar!” Imagine you’re touring a workplace and notice the sign above on a door. Would you go in? Not if you know, from taking Spanish in school or other experience, […]

10 Steps to OSHA Scaffold Safety Compliance

Scaffold accidents are among the most tragic, so it’s no surprise that OSHA tightly regulates their use. Here are 10 steps to compliance. These days, we live and work in a vertical world. Our buildings are taller, our homes have high ceilings, and our workplaces have grown upward to hold larger equipment and to make […]

Ladder/Scaffold Safety: The Ups and Downs

With millions working on ladders and scaffolds each day, the risks are high. Here are some ways to avoid those risks. It’s said that life has its ups and downs, and that’s certainly true of people who work on ladders and scaffolds. But for them, the downs can be especially painful. That’s led safety experts, […]