Trip Hazards Do’s and Don’ts

The national statistics on injuries and deaths from workplace slips, trips, and falls are disturbing. Today we’ll give you some actionable advice on keeping your workers from adding to those statistics. Slips, trips, and falls cannot be taken lightly. Consider: In one recent year, more than 800 American workers fell to their deaths. On average, […]

How to Lay Down the Law on Hand Protection

Yesterday we shared a hand surgeon’s views on the causes of hand injuries and some of his tips for preventing them. Today we’ll give you more practical advice to share with workers for preventing these potentially life-changing injuries. Because the hand is such a highly evolved and constantly used instrument, it can be injured in […]

6 Keys to Preventing Hand Injuries

Hand injuries can be especially traumatic, stripping away not only one’s ability to work, but also the ability to perform activities of daily living. Today we’ll share a surgeon’s views on the causes of hand injuries—and his tips for preventing them. Dr. Greg Merrell is a surgeon at the Indiana Hand Center, the largest free-standing […]

Working Near Forklifts Doesn’t Have to Mean Injuries

Forklift accidents involving pedestrians are not always the forklift driver’s fault. Today our Safety Training Tips editor gives you some tips for training employees who work near forklifts. Put a big, heavy, dangerous moving machine like a forklift up against an employee, and the employee doesn’t stand much of a chance. The forklift will roll […]

Is Your Drugs and Alcohol Policy Legal?

Yesterday we looked at the scope and dangers of alcohol abuse in the workplace, and at screening services available as part of Alcohol Awareness Month (April). Today we look at the legal considerations in implementing a drugs and alcohol policy—and at a resource that provides you with a ready-made, lawyer-reviewed policy and supporting documents. In […]

No Fooling—April is Alcohol Awareness Month

Next month (April) is Alcohol Awareness Month, a good time to remind your workers of the dangers of mixing alcohol and work—and of the prohibitions and requirements of your organization’s drugs and alcohol policy. When many people think of alcohol abusers, they picture teenagers sneaking drinks before high school football games or at unsupervised parties. […]

4 Keys to Workplace Mold Prevention

Yesterday we looked at the health hazards of mold in the workplace. Today we’ll give you some practical tips to prevent mold in your workplace. 1. Get the Wet Out Unfortunately, there’s no feasible way to eliminate all mold and mold spores in the indoor environment. But controlling excess moisture is the key to stopping […]

Workplace Mold: The Straight Scoop

In recent years, concerns of mold and fungi growing in indoor environments have caused major upheavals among various building-related trades and businesses, as well as insurance companies and different levels of governmental agencies. Today and tomorrow we’ll try to separate the truth from the hype, and we’ll provide you with some tips for preventing or […]

Serve Your Wellness Training with a Side of Nutrition Tips

Our Safety Training Tips editor says that now, as we near the middle of National Nutrition Month, is a good time to talk to employees about the importance of good nutrition. We all know we should “eat right,” “watch our diet,” “go easy on the grease and sugar,” and so on. But even though your […]

Keep OSHA at Bay—Self-Inspect Today

Safety is all about awareness and knowledge. Knowledge gives you the power to prevent accidents. One of the best ways to keep informed about ever-changing work area conditions is to perform routine safety inspections. Today we look at some of the legal, management, and training issues involved with self-inspections. Legal Issues BLR’s Safety Audit Checklists […]