OSHA Ladder and Scaffold Inspection Essentials

OSHA has its up and down days … the days it inspects ladders and scaffolds. This Friday, our Safety Training Tips Editor says you need to do those inspections before they do. OSHA requires a “competent person” to inspect scaffolds. According to the agency, a competent person is one who: Has been trained to understand […]

More Signs of Safety

They may not be exciting or high tech, but safety signs save lives. Here are the criteria for an effective signage program.Did you “sign on” to yesterday’s Advisor? If so, you read part 1 of a 2-part discussion on workplace safety signs. Recent articles on the subject have renewed interest in the value of this […]

For Signs of Safety, Use Safety Signs

They may not be exciting or high tech, but safety signs save lives. Here are the criteria for an effective signage program.You’re in a movie theater. And after endless trailers (and an ad for the local car wash) that new sci-fi flick you’ve waited to see finally starts. The lights dim, the music comes up, […]

Super Safety Meeting Secrets, Part 2: Training Technique

To liven up that safety meeting, remember this refrain: Personalize, relate, repeat, rephrase, and for goodness sakes, be enthusiastic!“How do I make my safety training meetings more effective and memorable?” That’s the question our training experts get repeatedly. Yesterday, we began to answer it, using guidance provided in the BLR program, Safety Meeting Repros, and […]

Super Safety Meeting Secrets, Part I: Preparation

What makes some safety meetings crackle with excitement and learning, while others just fade away? The experts offer a two-part answer.Imagine two training rooms, side by side. Both host safety training meetings. In Room A, the instructor drones on and on, doing all the talking, while trainees check their watches, look longingly at the exit, […]

Safe Lifting: The Key to Back Safety

Learning to lift safely is a major part of back safety. Here’s an article and a program to teach workers how to do it. ”With millions of workers affected by back problems and, as reported yesterday, an annual loss to business of some $60 billion due to this malady, it makes sense for employers to […]

Back Safety: Preventive Strategies from the Experts

Back problems cause workers pain and business huge losses, but they’re relatively easy to prevent, say experts, if you take the appropriate steps and do the appropriate training.” What malady affects 45–60 million Americans, including 70 percent to 80 percent of all workers, at some time in their careers? What’s the second-leading cause of lost […]

OSHA Confined Space Training: Resources

Means available to meet OSHA’s confined space training requirements range from consultants conducting simulations to pamphlets. Here’s what you need to teach, and an option to do it “totally.”Yesterday’s Advisor began a discussion of the multiple hazards of working in confined spaces. In a space often little bigger than the worker’s body inside it, dangerous […]

Confined Spaces: How to Keep Them from Turning into Tombs

Work in confined spaces can be, and is, deadly to some 20 workers a year. Here’s what OSHA and best practices require to make working in them safer. The dairy farmer slipped his legs into the entry of the manure pit. He never much liked going down there but, after 18 years of doing so, […]