Staph/MRSA in the Workplace: An Epidemiologist Speaks

What answers does a CDC official have for your specific questions about staph and MRSA? Listen in on BLR’s special February 13 audio conference and find out. Yesterday’s Advisor began a discussion of the staph problem currently affecting American workplaces. Though largely confined to healthcare facilities, studies show that staph transmission does appear to be […]

When OSHA Says, ‘Let’s Take a Walk …’

An OSHA inspection walkaround often determines what charges you’ll face, how long the investigation will last, and how much you’ll pay. Here are tips to keep things under control. The phrase “walkaround” suggests a pleasant stroll through the country. But its meaning changes radically when the person doing the walking is an inspector from OSHA. […]

OSHA Telegraphs its Next Punch

The agency has preannounced its next “unannounced inspection” effort. Here’s where it will happen, what to expect, and what to do, if an OHSA inspector shows up at your door. Perhaps you’ve read newspaper stories in which the local police preannounce ahead of time where and when they’ll be setting up speed radar. OSHA officials […]

Winter Slippery Surfaces: How NOT to Get Tripped Up!

Weather-related slips and falls are especially common during winter. Here are tips to avoid them in and around your workplace now, and also all year. Unless they’re ice skating or skiing this winter, you don’t want your employees slipping and sliding—especially around your workplace. Weather-related slips, trips, and falls become a serious hazard as winter […]

Lockout/Tagout: 5 Steps to a Successful Program

To implement a successful lockout/tagout program, you need 5 key elements, says a top BLR interactive training program. It then proceeds to deliver them to you. Yesterday’s Safety Daily Advisor looked at what the safety education website,, calls the “fatal 5” of lockout/tagout. These missteps, which account for most of the 60,000 injuries and […]

Meet Lockout/Tagout’s ‘Fatal 5’

Make any of these 5 mistakes and not only is your lockout/tagout program in danger, so are you! Here’s a short quiz for the workers at your facility: Question: When can a simple padlock and a laminated piece of red-striped cardboard save your life?Answer: When they’re part of a well-planned lockout/tagout program. As safety professionals […]

Safely Returning Injured Employees to Work: What the Law Says

Deciding when and if an injured worker can return to the job sounds simple, but in reality, it’s a highly regulated activity. Here’s what the ADA, workers’ comp, and other laws have to say. And a special audio conference for those who really want to make sure they do it legally. An employee injures his […]

Radon: The Worst Hazard Your Employees Have Never Heard Of

Many of your employees probably have never heard of radon, much less realized that it might be in their homes, threatening their families. Now, in time for National Radon Action Month, here’s the info they need about this hidden hazard. If there’s a safety training topic you’ve never dealt with before, this one might be […]