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Election 2012: Where Do the Candidates Stand on ANWR?

Where do the candidates stand on EHS issues?   Issue: Oil Production – ANWR By Nancy W. Teolis, J.D., BLR Expert Barack Obama: Opposes drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) and is “committed to balancing environmental protection with development that means preserving sensitive public lands from exploration, like the Arctic National Wildlife […]

Election 2012: Where Do the Candidates Stand on Climate Change?

Where do the candidates stand on EHS issues?   Issue: Climate Change By Timothy P. Fagan, BLR Air Expert   Barack Obama: Will continue efforts to reduce carbon pollution and combat climate change.  In his speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention, the President stated “my plan will continue to reduce the carbon pollution […]

Top 10 Articles from Environmental Daily Advisor

EPA Inspection Cheat SheetIt’s a great time to take a look at your facility’s environmental compliance standing. Could you be up for an inspection from EPA this year? If so, you can cheat a little—legally—by being prepared and knowing what to expect. 10 Steps to Get Rolling on a Recycling Program for Universal Waste Lamps […]

Reduce Waste at Work

Writing/Printing Paper Establish a companywide double-sided copying policy, and be sure future copiers purchased by your company have double-sided capability. Reuse envelopes or use two-way (send-‘n-return) envelopes. Keep mailing lists current to avoid duplication. Make scratch pads from used paper. Circulate (rather than copy) memos, documents, periodicals, and reports. Use outdated letterhead for in-house memos. […]

UST Best Management Practices: Spill Buckets

By Nancy W. Teolis, J.D., BLR Legal Editor-Environmental Federal rules require USTs to be protected from spills, overfills, and corrosion. What is a Spill Bucket? Spill Bucket USTs must have spill buckets at each fill pipe where fuel is delivered into the UST to contain spills that may occur as a result of fuel […]