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Electrical hazards can cause burns, shocks and electrocution (death). OSHA’s design safety electrical standards apply to systems that provide power and light to employee workplaces. These regulations cover electrical installations and equipment installed or used within or on buildings, structures, and other premises. OSHA’s safe work practice rules for electricity provide standards for both qualified employees (those with a specific level of training) and unqualified employees (those with little or no training) who work on, near, or with various electrical components.

Check Off These Electrical Safety Do’s and Don’ts

Human error is the major cause of electrical accidents. Accidents happen when workers don’t recognize electrical hazards or fail to take precautions to protect against those hazards. Key provisions of OSHA’s general industry electrical standard for employee safety are contained in the safety-related work practices sections (29 CFR 1910.331-335). These sections give you specific requirements […]

Ready to Respond to an Electrical Accident?

Electrical accidents require fast but careful response to save injured workers and protect rescuers. Find out how to prepare your workplace and your workers for an electrical emergency. Electric shock occurs in one of three ways. Individuals, while in contact with the ground, must come in contact with: Both wires of the electric circuit One […]

Win the War Against Electrical Accidents

Yesterday, we reviewed some interesting questions and answers about electrical safety. Today, we continue with more electrical Q&As, plus we’ll take a peek at a powerful training product that can help keep your employees safe around electricity. Q. Where would I find the requirement to provide a covering for fluorescent lightbulbs? A. 1910.305(a)(2)(iii)(F): Lamps for […]

Electrical Safety: Let No Question Go Unanswered!

You should never be in any doubt about a safety issue. The result could easily be an accident and injury. Just make sure you get your information from a source you can trust. Many of our subscribers turn to the website when they have safety questions for which they can’t find answers elsewhere. They […]

Preventing the Tragedy of Electrical Accidents

Hundreds of deaths occur every year as a direct result of electrical accidents at work. What is even more tragic is that most of these fatalities could be easily avoided. Simple training can teach employees how to work safely with electricity. Your employees must understand that: Normal workplace or household current can be lethal. Electrocutions […]

What Everyone Should Know About Electrical Hazards

Some employees work directly with electricity and face the greatest risk of shocks, burns, and electrocution. Others may be exposed only indirectly, but they, too, can be injured or killed. That’s why all employees should be trained to understand electrical hazards and take proper precautions. OSHA ranks electrical hazards as among the most dangerous and […]

Electrical Emergencies and Rescue Techniques

Electrical accidents cause countless injuries and claim the lives of hundreds of Americans each year. Injuries could be minimized and many lives saved if proper rescue techniques were used. When an electrical accident occurs, the victim may be incapable of moving or releasing the electrical conductor because of the effect of something called “muscle clamping.” […]

Shocking News About Electrical Emergencies

Almost 3 million workers in the United States are at risk every day from uncontrolled energy when servicing equipment. There are roughly 3,600 disabling injuries and 4,000 nondisabling electrical contact injuries every year. Electrical hazards include electrocution, electric shock, burns, and falls. Electric shock occurs in one of three ways. Individuals, while in contact with […]

Don’t Short Circuit Electrical Safety Training

Over half of workplace deaths resulting from electrocution are caused by defective electrical equipment and failure on the part of employees to follow safe work procedures. Electrical safety training can prevent both types of accidents. OSHA’s electrical safety standard recognizes two types of employees—qualified and unqualified (Safety-Related Work Practices, 29 CFR 1910.331-335). Qualified employees are […]

Follow the Path to Electrical Safety

Because electricity is used in every workplace, the threat of electrocution is present in almost every job. Simple steps can protect workers and prevent electrical accidents. When your employees think of electrical hazards, they may get an image of high voltage overhead power lines. Unless they see such a threat, they may not realize they’re […]