Category: Injuries and Illness

Modern safety management goes beyond covering traditional workplace accidents to now being equally concerned with illnesses caused on and even off the job. This section will explain what you need to know to avoid both injuries and illnesses, and to track your progress in reaching this goal.

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6 Ways to Prevent Heat Stress at Work

You can treat heat stress, but preventing it is even better. Here are the steps you need to know to do both. Yesterday’s Advisor began a discussion of heat-related problems workers may face as June stretches into July, August, and September, traditionally the hottest months of the year. Heat problems kill some 4,000 Americans yearly, […]

Heat Stress: Employers Sweating It Out

As summer heat raises the temperature in many workplaces, employers and workers alike need to know the threats heat can pose, and what to do if heat-related illness strikes. It’s finally June. And all across the nation, you can almost hear the sighs of relief that, at last, the cold of winter and the damp […]

Slips, Trips, and Falls Prevention: Training Is Often the Answer

Often slip, trip, and fall prevention is a matter of simply training workers on what to do and not do. Here are some of those do’s and don’ts, and an innovative program to instruct in them. With slips, trips, and falls the greatest source of nonfatal injuries each year in any accident category the federal […]

To Prevent Slips, Trips, and Falls, Fix Things From the Floor Up

To stop slips, trips and falls, improve the flooring, the footwear, and the habits of workers. In this two-part article, we’ll review what to do about all 3 of these accident factors. OK, safety professionals, here’s today’s quick quiz: According to Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers, what kind of workplace accident results in the most […]

Diabetes: Are Your Workers at Risk?

This Friday, our Safety Training Tips editor focuses on a killer—diabetes—and what you can tell your workers about what it is and how it can be treated, if they catch it early! What is diabetes? People with diabetes have a problem with their metabolism. Their bodies can’t process a kind of sugar in their blood […]

Pinchpoint Accidents: Tips for Prevention

Yesterday we told you where and why pinchpoint accidents happen. Today, here are ideas for their prevention. Yesterday’s Advisor began a discussion of what are called “pinchpoint” or “caught-between” accidents. These are events in which a worker’s body is trapped between two surfaces, one of which may be moving with great force. Most examples include […]

Getting ‘Caught in a Pinch’ Can Be Fatal

Having your body caught between the moving parts of a machine is both terrifying and dangerous. Here are ideas OSHA and others have provided to prevent it. South Florida refuse collection truck mechanic Raul Figueroa was working on a truck when somehow the ram arm that lifts Dumpsters to the bin became actuated. The arm […]

Staph/MRSA in the Workplace: An Epidemiologist Speaks

What answers does a CDC official have for your specific questions about staph and MRSA? Listen in on BLR’s special February 13 audio conference and find out. Yesterday’s Advisor began a discussion of the staph problem currently affecting American workplaces. Though largely confined to healthcare facilities, studies show that staph transmission does appear to be […]