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Safety is a process, and as such, needs to be managed. This section offers resources to create a viable safety program, sell it to senior management, train supervisors and employees in using it, and then track and report your progress. Look also for ways to advance your own skills in these areas, both for your current job, and those that follow.

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Bloodborne Pathogens: What Are Your Responsibilities?

The danger of bloodborne pathogen exposure extends beyond the healthcare profession. Today we look at ways your employees can minimize their risk and the measures OSHA requires you to implement in your workplace. Yesterday’s Advisor explored the many workplace hazards endangering nurses and other healthcare professionals, with one of the most serious being exposure to […]

Unsafe Workplaces Chasing Nurses Away

Healthcare workplaces are fraught with risks, but the extent of those dangers – and their impact on the ongoing nursing shortage – may be greater than you think. Nursing clearly is not the safest of professions. Working in close proximity to sick people, scalpels, needles, and other sharps obviously entails risks. But most of us […]

Checklists to Keep OSHA in Check

OSHA says checklists can ensure that important items are not overlooked in your safety inspections. But OSHA also warns that checklists neither be vague nor excessively detailed. Here is a solution that meets all those criteria. Yesterday’s Advisor examined the School Safety Audit Checklist (consisting of several checklists, actually), compiled from work done by the […]

Get ‘Schooled’ on Your Safety Checklists

We can learn more from schools than ABCs. Schools place a special emphasis on safety and security, and many of their practices can be adapted to your workplace. We can all agree that children are our most precious resource, so it only makes sense that schools go to extraordinary lengths to ensure their safety. A […]

How to Drive Home Forklift Safety Training

Forklifts are an essential part of many industrial operations, but they are also involved in 10 percent of all serious industrial accidents every year. Here’s a way to make your forklift safety training unforgettable. Yesterday’s Daily Advisor explored the many sources of potential accidents and injuries in the warehouse environment, as well as some tips […]

Is Your Warehouse a ‘Scarehouse’?

From splinters on wooden pallets to improperly operated forklifts, warehouses are a hotspot for workplace accidents and injuries. Here are some commonsense, good housekeeping, and material handling tips to help protect your workforce. No matter how neat and orderly your warehouse may appear, the trained safety eye can see that it is rife with opportunities […]

Lock in ‘Unforgettable’ Lockout/Tagout Training

With a new OSHA lockout/tagout directive in place – including the statement that LOTO compliance will now be part of all OSHA programmed inspections – LOTO training has never been more important. Here’s how you can get your workplace prepared. In yesterday’s Advisor, we told you about OSHA’s new lockout/tagout (LOTO) compliance directive that instructs […]

Lockout/Tagout Directive: A Peek behind the OSHA Curtain

OSHA’s new lockout/tagout (LOTO) directive tells you how the agency is interpreting the LOTO standards – and how its inspectors will be enforcing it. Wouldn’t you love to have the inside scoop on what OSHA inspectors will be looking for when they examine your lockout/tagout (LOTO) procedures? Well, you can – courtesy of the agency […]

What Your Drug and Alcohol Policy Must Cover

There are numerous scenarios in which organizations might want to administer employee drug tests. The key to staving off union grievances and employee lawsuits is a well-crafted drugs and alcohol policy. Here are some of the key points it needs to include. Yesterday’s Advisor looked at a U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) report detailing the […]

Report: Drugged Drivers Keep on Truckin’ – What’s in Your Workplace?

A new government report highlights serious flaws in truck driver drug testing enforcement. Several of the report’s key findings and recommendations may well be applied across other industries. The perils of drugs in the workplace are well-documented, but nowhere are those dangers scarier than when the “workplace” is out on the highways. Even given that, […]