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Safety is a process, and as such, needs to be managed. This section offers resources to create a viable safety program, sell it to senior management, train supervisors and employees in using it, and then track and report your progress. Look also for ways to advance your own skills in these areas, both for your current job, and those that follow.

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Workers’ Comp Rates Fall, But Beware the ‘Mod’

Employers are happy to see lower workers’ compensation insurance rates, but there’s a factor that can drive them right back up, and it’s one completely under their control.To hear Frank Pennachio tell it, there’s danger even in good news. Pennachio is a cofounder of the Institute of WorkComp Professionals, a group that certifies insurance professionals […]

Electrical Safety Training: Lifesaving Tips

Electrical safety is mostly about observing simple precautions. Here are some, along with a versatile and comprehensive training program to teach them—or have trainees teach themselves. Yesterday’s Advisor gave your employees some information that might shock them, literally. With information from the BLR program Total Training Resource: Electrical Safety, we noted that many fall prey […]

Electrical Safety: Shocking Myths Workers May Believe

Electricity is so familiar a force, your employees may think they know all its mysteries. Not so—and what they don’t know can kill them.Not long ago, much of the state of Florida went dark. Lights went out. Traffic signals quit, causing huge backups. People were trapped in elevators. The search for someone to blame began. […]


Warehouse Safety: The Right Moves to Make

Your warehouse holds not only your stock but also lots of hazards! Here is a long list of hints on safely storing and moving items in a warehouse, including why warehouse safety is important, basic rules, and common sense good housekeeping. Materials handling—either by powered equipment or manually—can cause injuries to hands, fingers, feet, and […]

Cell Phone Dangers: Crafting a Policy for Their Use

In addition to possible electrical hazards, cell phones may pose dangers to hearing and traffic safety. Here’s how to write a company policy to minimize some of the risks. In Yesterday’s Advisor we started a discussion of cell phone hazards off with a bang—literally! The article noted that safety experts, including the military’s Naval Safety […]

Cell Phone Dangers: An Explosive Situation?

Can cell phones cause an explosion as you fuel your car? We look at what U.S. government agencies say—and some precautions to keep it from happening. You’re at a gas station filling up. So is the driver at the next pump. Suddenly you hear his cell phone ring. As gasoline fumes waft upward from the […]

PPE: Survey Shows Why Some Workers Won’t Use It

Why do some workers refuse to use the PPE that could save their health or life? A recent survey brings some surprising answers. In yesterday’s Advisor, we reported two conflicting pieces of news from the PPE front of the workplace safety wars. First, that on February 13, OSHA had put into effect its long- proposed […]

PPE: OSHA Rules You Have to Pay. But …

OSHA now has ruled that employers must pay for virtually all PPE. Too bad a new survey says many workers refuse to use it. As you may have heard, after years of dithering about it, OSHA finally decreed on February 13 that employers must pay for their workers’ personal protective equipment. While many organizations have […]

OSHA Recordkeeping Lapses: Why Do They Happen; What Should You Do?

When lapses in OSHA recordkeeping occur, the fault usually is with line managers. Here’s why it happens and how to keep them involved. Yesterday’s Advisor began a discussion of OSHA recordkeeping, starting with the 300 Log program, the basic form that requires reporting all workplace or workplace-related injuries and illnesses that cross OSHA’s threshold. The […]

Successful Safety Training: Preparation Is the Key

In celebration of this extra day of the year, our Safety Training Tips editor provides an extra helping of training advice, along with the ingredient that makes it all work. Successful safety training that gives you a good ROI in terms of fewer accidents, better compliance, and lower costs doesn’t just happen. You have to […]