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No safety technology is changing as fast as that employed in PPE. The devices of just a few years ago are now obsolete by replacements that are lighter, easier to use, and more protective. These resources alert you to developments in the field, and equally important, supply training ideas to get your workers to use their PPE, and use it correctly.

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Survey Says Lots of Workers Not Wearing Required Eye Protection

On-the-job eye injuries can have devastating consequences, such as chemical burns or blindness. Despite these potential hazards, 85% of industrial workers in a Kimberly-Clark Professional survey said they had observed others failing to wear eye protection when they should have been. "This high rate of noncompliance seriously jeopardizes worker health and safety. In many instances, […]

What to Look for in Foot Protection

OSHA says that It’s your job to make sure employees use foot protection when there is a danger of foot injuries. That makes selecting the right protection for the hazard a priority. OSHA’s general industry foot protection standard (29 CFR 1910.136) says: “The employer shall ensure that each affected employee uses protective footwear when working […]

Put Your Best Foot Forward When It Comes to Foot Protection

Proper PPE can protect employees’ feet from injuries on the job. And that’s good news for you and for your employees. According to the National Safety Council, more than 180,000 foot-related injuries occurred in a recent year. That equates to roughly 400 foot-related injury claims per day. The estimated average cost of these injuries was […]

Meet the Safety Challenge Every Day with Good Communication

Good communication is fundamental to a safe workplace. Safety messages of all kinds and in all forms must flow all through the organization and be heard by all. It’s often said that safety is everyone’s responsibility. It’s also often said that management commitment and employee involvement are critical factors in developing an effective safety and […]

7 Tips for Selecting PPE for Spill Preparedness

Hazardous material spills happen without warning. That means you have to be prepared with the proper PPE to protect your cleanup crew. Chemical spills won’t wait for you to locate and purchase appropriate PPE for your responders. Not having the right PPE on hand can mean employees "make do" with whatever is around—and that could […]

PPE: Minimum Requirements

It should come as no surprise that, in addition to specific PPE standards, many other OSHA regulations also require PPE. Here’s a complete list for general industry and construction. Here’s a quick review of some minimum PPE requirements. OSHA’s PPE general requirements standard (29 CFR 1910.132) says that all protective devices have to meet these […]

PPE: OSHA Standards Review

It should come as no surprise that, in addition to specific PPE standards, many other OSHA regulations also require PPE. Here’s a complete list for general industry and construction. Subpart I of the General Industry standards (29 CFR 1910) and Subpart E of the Construction standards (29 CFR 1926) contain requirements for specific types of […]

Don’t Have Any Doubts About PPE Requirements

Here are some questions about PPE requirements, with answers provided by the safety experts at Does OSHA specify the frequency of replacement of PPE, especially hard hats? OSHA does not specify the frequency of replacement of PPE. It is up to the employer to determine when PPE needs to be replaced. OSHA recommends that […]

What’s New in Safety Equipment?

Check out some innovations in PPE and other safety equipment from 3M Company, designed to boost safety protection in the workplace and at the worksite. Along with management commitment and employee involvement, there’s another essential factor in keeping your workplace safe—stuff. The devices and equipment designed to protect employees from harm play a big role […]

10 Tips for Encouraging PPE Compliance

Yesterday, we reviewed reasons for PPE noncompliance and a few tips for encouraging compliance. Today, we offer 10 additional tips for encouraging employee compliance. 1.    Establish and consistently enforce a policy requiring the use of assigned PPE. Make sure all employees are aware of the rules and the consequences of noncompliance (that is, in addition […]