Category: Safety Culture and Behavioral Safety

The articles here will show you how to build safety culture, and maintain it when you do. We’ll talk motivation technique, incentives, employee contests, recognition programs, and other safety awareness methods.

Safety Incentives: Yea? Or Nay? Nay!

Yesterday we looked at the case for using incentives to bolster safety in the workplace. Today we look at arguments against safety- incentive programs, and at the foundation of workplace safety—safety attitude. The OSHA Compliance Advisor, a twice-monthly newsletter produced by BLR, took a comprehensive look at the cases for and against safety incentive programs. […]

Safety Incentives: Yea? Or Nay? Yea!

Are safety incentive programs right for your organization? Today we’ll look at the case for safety incentives; tomorrow we’ll look at the case against. The value of incentive programs has been hotly debated in the safety community. Advocates say they help employees stay focused on avoiding hazards. Opponents say such programs are a poor substitute […]

10 Keys to Accident Prevention

Despite all of OSHA’s standards and all of its inspections and citations, there were 5,488 fatal occupational injuries in 2007 and 1.2 million injuries involving days away from work in 2006, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Those statistics are not intended to discourage you, but rather to motivate you to go beyond the […]

7 Keys to a Winning Training Program

Yesterday we shared suggestions from the OSHA Required Training for Supervisors monthly newsletter on how you can apply principles from the sports world to improve safety practices at your organization. Today we pick up with tips for developing a winning training program for your team. Assess training needs. What safety-related skills and knowledge do employees […]

Coaching Safety Teamwork: Everybody Wins

Today we turn to the world of sports for some tips on how you can build and run a winning safety team. Teamwork is a beautiful thing to see. When players work as a team, they usually win. When they don’t, they often lose. The same holds true for safety in the workplace — when […]

5 More Steps to a Better Safety Program

Previously, our experts offered the first 5 steps toward using leading indicators to build a forward-looking safety effort. Today, they offer the additional steps needed to carry it out and evaluate the results. In yesterday’s Advisor, we began to describe a 10_point program to orient your organization to looking at safety from a leading indicator […]

Let Leading Indicators Lead You to Greater Safety

Two safety experts say the profession should be measuring what it does, but frequently the measures used depict the past rather than predict the future. And they offer a 10-step program to refocus the focus. It’s been said that, deep in his or her heart, every safety professional would like to be out of a […]

Cut the Power on Portable Power Tool Accidents

Portable power tools have revolutionized work, but also added new safety concerns. This Friday, our Safety Training Tips editor explains how to reap the benefits of these tools while minimizing the hazards. Here’s what he says you should do… Make sure workers recognize the risks. Power tools can be hazardous in various ways. For example:•     […]

Safety Awareness: More Ways to Build It

Safety awareness can’t be dictated. Instead, employees have to be immersed in it, from many directions. Here are a few steps toward helping workers reach that state of mind. In the last Advisor, we began exploring ways to build safety awareness into your workers’ thought patterns … to get them to think about doing things […]

Brainstorm Your Way to Safety Awareness

To be safe, workers need to think safety in everything they do. That’s called safety awareness. Here is a technique to get them to more involved in building it. If you’re like many safety professionals, you spend your days (and probably nights, too) working on and thinking about ways to make your workplace safer. You […]