Category: EHS Career Trends/Certification

EHS management is not just a job, it’s a profession, and a noble one, at that. These articles and tips will clue you in on certification, career training, and peer group involvement in major organizations. And we’ll also provide tips on how to make management at your organization more aware of the strategic, business-building value of EHS programs. Don’t be surprised if your career benefits right along with the company.

NIOSH Research Predicts OSH Professional Shortfall

Today, we report on recent NIOSH study that suggests a future shortage of safety and health professionals. Last October, NIOSH published research that suggests the demand for OSH services may soon exceed the number of people available to provide it. According to the National Assessment of the Occupational Safety and Health Workforce, employers plan to […]

Tips for Managing Environmental Regulations

Do you find environmental regulations confusing? Use these tips to protect against misunderstanding regulatory requirements. Ensure that you are aware of all federal, state, and local regulations that govern your facility, products, and transportation activities. This must be a management activity. You should possess a well-defined process for identifying your obligations, and specific individuals should […]

Be the Motivating Force Behind a Safer Workplace

Effective workplace hazard protection takes leadership and commitment. Find out how to demonstrate safety leadership and shape a safer workplace. In its Safety & Health Management Systems eTool, OSHA says that effective protection from workplace hazards takes leadership and commitment from management. “Management leadership provides the motivating force and the resources for organizing and controlling […]

Lead the Way to Superior Safety Performance

By being a strong leader, you can get more safety compliance and engagement from the employees you serve, reducing accident and injury rates as a result. To see how you rate as a safety leader, take this safety and health leadership quiz from OSHA’s Safety & Health Management Systems eTool. Read each of the statements […]

Do You Get an ‘A" for Accountability?

In a truly safe workplace everyone is accountable for preventing accidents and injuries. How about your workplace? Do you get an “A” for accountability? If you’re reviewing the structure and content of your safety and health process with an eye to improving effectiveness, you might want to take a look at accountability. How much responsibility […]

How to Build a Better Safety Process

Find out how UPS, the world’s largest package carrier, has built a more effective safety process and reaped the rewards of their effort in 40 percent fewer injuries. BLR’s OSHA Compliance Advisor recently spoke to Debbie Gehricke, director of global safety and health at UPS, and Emilio Lopez, director of fleet safety, to find out […]

Investigating Arson

This content was originally published in January 2000. For the latest in safety management, visit our archives or try our online compliance portal, It’s very rare that a firebug is caught in the act. Most arsonists are caught through circumstantial evidence. Many courts have ruled that circumstantial evidence can be used by a jury […]

Need an Extra Right Arm? Arm Yourself with a Safety Committee

What safety professional would say no to an extra right arm? Well-trained, purposeful safety committees can significantly augment a safety manager’s capability, and boost a company’s overall success. Safety committees are common in companies of all sizes in virtually all industries, both unionized and not. Although they got their start in auto manufacturing, committees are […]

Make the Case for EHS

Try these recommendations for promoting the business value of investments in EHS to your management. To promote the business value of investments in environmental, health, and safety programs, says BLR legal editor David Galt, you have to speak the language of your CFO. That’s just one of the tips Galt offered at a meeting of […]

Need Highly Effective Training at an Affordable Price? We’ve Got the Programs for You!

Training is a big part of your job—and a big responsibility. That’s why so many safety professionals like you turn to the Employee Training Center for help. BLR® is doing its part to assist you in your effort to provide excellent workplace safety training and add more value and versatility while keeping training affordable. For […]