2018 Tier II Reporting Infographic

The Tier II reporting deadline is approaching. This infographic provides essential information to help you determine if you need to report, along with some helpful tips for preparing and submitting a Tier II report.

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Join us on Monday, February 19, for BLR’s webinar, Tier II Reporting: Preparing for the Upcoming March 1, 2018 Deadline.

You will learn:

  • How to determine if your facility is required to file a Tier II report
  • What the new hazard categories are, and how to adjust from the old reporting categories to the new hazard categories
  • Recommended strategies for preparing and submitting your report by the March 1, 2018 deadline
  • What state-specific Tier II and hazardous materials reporting requirements may apply to your facility
  • What electronic reporting options are available for submitting your Tier II report
  • How to develop and implement a program that allows for efficient and accurate collection of Tier II-required data throughout the year