Infographic: 3 Common Workplace Accidents and Ways to Prevent Them

Accidents are unpredictable and can occur in any workplace environment. To prevent irreversible damages from happening to your business and employees, it’s crucial to take preventative safety measures and conduct routine emergency drills to remain prepared. Ultimately, employees are your greatest asset, and should be treated as the number one priority in your business.

Here are some of the most common workplace accidents to be aware of so you can thoroughly educate your employees on the best safety practices and procedures; for more information, check out our infographic below!

Accidents Involving Vehicles

According to the CDC, between 2003 and 2010, more than 800 workers ages 16 to 24 has died from motor vehicle accidents at work. This number accounts for almost 22 percent of workplace fatalities in this age group.

Accidents involving vehicles can be extremely dangerous and potentially result in fatal consequences. Most of the time, workplace vehicle accidents happen due to the lack of driving training as well as distractions at work.

Prevention tip: Provide adequate driving training, enforce the use of seatbelts, and reduce time pressure on employees.


Typically, overexertion on the job is caused by employees attempting to move or maneuver objects that are significantly heavier than the weight they can handle. Though most overexertion injuries are not fatal, they can still have long-term negative effects on employees. For example, severe body strain or damage that may require physical therapy.

Prevention tip: Encourage employees to ask for help when needed. Also, make sure that each employee is equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment to reduce the chances of injuries.

Fire and Explosions

Fire and explosions can happen in any workplace environment and cause irreversible and severe damages to businesses. Industries most susceptible to these types of accidents are food production, manufacturing, and the chemical industry. To prevent fires and explosions from happening, employers should take proper safety preventative measures.

Prevention tip: Tidy up the workplace on a regular basis to avoid the buildup of combustible dust and materials. Also, routinely test fire alarms and extinguishers to make sure they are functioning properly.

Though accidents can be unpredictable, what you do have control over is the prevention process. Start prioritizing employee safety by investing in personal protective equipment from companies like Zoro, conducting regular safety drills, and following workplace safety protocols.

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