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Reduce Employee Off-Job Risks and Reap On-the-Job Benefits

As a safety professional, you’re dedicated to protecting employees from the moment they clock in to the time they leave work. But what about all the hours before and after? What’s your obligation to employee protection beyond the workday? The formerly clear distinction between on- and off-the-job safety is becoming blurred. Increasingly, employers are investing […]

A REAL Workplace Pain in the Neck

Today our Safety Training Tips editor looks at one of the more common, but often overlooked, workplace woes: Neck injuries. The most common workplace neck injuries are neck spasms. Neck spasms are contractions of the muscles in your neck. The contractions make your muscles tight and that results in pain. The main culprits of work-related […]

Sun Safety Is a Hot Issue this Month

In case you missed the opportunity to talk to your employees about sun safety last week (June 1-7 was Sun Safety Week), you still have time. The summer sun has yet to get its fiery hottest, and our Safety Training Tips editor says that now is a great time to hold a safety meeting to […]

‘How Ready Are You?’ Asks Ready Business

Preparing for workplace emergencies makes good sense, say experts, who advise a proactive approach that gets managers and employees involved and keeps them informed. That’s the rationale behind a comprehensive U.S. government campaign called Ready Business, operated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), part of the Department of Homeland Security. Ready Business ( helps […]

A Great Safety Management Tool … Made Better!

Not all the hot news in safety management happens out there. Some happens right here at BLR. Such is the case today. Yesterday’s Advisor article covered the recent announcement of OSHA’s Specific Site Targeting (SST) plan for 2008. That’s the program that will pull nearly 4,000 comprehensive inspections on industries  that survey data show as […]

Prevent Back Injuries with Training

A back injury on or off the job could put one of your workers on the sick list for days or even weeks. Don’t take chances when back safety is concerned. Train all your employees to prevent back injuries. One of the most important ways employees can prevent back injuries is to lift correctly. The […]

New Study Shows Interactive Training Instrumental in Preventing Serious Injuries

Hands-on simulations and other interactive training techniques play a critical role when conveying safety knowledge and demonstrating safe work behaviors in hazardous work environments, according to a new study. A new study conducted by researchers in the United States and Australia has found that for jobs where the likelihood of serious injury is highest, more […]

Family Business Brings Safety Training In-House

For Jerry McGlynn, safety director for McWilliams Electric Company, bringing training in-house was a strategic choice. In today’s Advisor, we learn more about why he made the choice and how he implements training. About 10 years ago, McGlynn’s father, who owns the company, began to calculate what he was spending to send employees out for […]

The Invisible Hazard: Radon

Don’t let a potential killer into your home. Although many people don’t realize it, radon kills thousands of Americans every year. In fact, it’s the second leading cause of lung cancer—smoking is the first. Radon gas comes from the natural breakdown of uranium in soil, rock, and water. From there it gets into the air […]

Safety Training for Workers with Special Needs

To keep all workers safe on the job, it’s vital to find effective ways to help employees with special needs get the most out of safety training. Here are some helpful tips. Safety training is supposed to help workers understand how to work safely and motivate them to use what they learn on the job. […]