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Incentives: Savvy Strategy or Poor Plan?

You’ve seen them, used them, or maybe even rejected them. For decades businesses have encouraged safe behavior with incentives. But are they a benefit or a liability? Ball caps, jackets, logoed merchandise, pizza, points, gift cards, and discounts… the list goes on. Whatever the reward, the idea is generally this—employers give workers something in exchange […]

Defensive Driving: Look! No Hands!

Yesterday we looked at 10 safe-driving tips from the veteran drivers/editors at Today we’ll look at some additional defensive-driving tips from our Safety Training Tips editor — and at a “hands-off” training tool that will drive home safe-driving techniques to your workforce. Motor vehicle accidents are the most common cause of accidental death in […]

Don’t You Just Hate Repeats?

Our Safety Training Tips editor is no fan of summer television repeats, but repeat accidents in the workplace are a much more serious matter. Just consider how much even one accident can affect your workplace by: Lowering morale about employer commitment to safety Creating fear about working in unsafe conditions Adding stress from worrying about […]

Spread the Word on Employee Wellness

The National Safety Council (NSC) celebrates National Safety Month every June with a specific theme emphasized every week. For Week 1 this year, NSC is spreading the word on Employee Wellness. You can use this observance as an opportunity to talk with your workers about the critical wellness topic of high blood pressure. Inform them […]

OSHA GHS Final Rule Effective Next Week

The Globally Harmonized System (GHS) finally makes its debut. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of time yet to comply. OSHA has announced that the final rule for GHS, or Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals, will become law effective May 25, 2012. The effective date of the final rule is 60 days […]

Safety Checklists A Must in 2011 – Keep OSHA At Bay

Week in Review, January 28, 2011 Note to Readers: This newsletter appears daily, but we know some don’t always have the time to read it everyday. For your convenience, here’s a re-publication of what we covered this past week. Daily, weekly, or anything in between, we’re pleased to keep you informed with the latest tips, […]

Yes, Respirator Training Really Is Required

Yesterday’s Advisor reviewed the inspection, maintenance, storage, and repair requirements of OSHA’s respiratory protection regulation. Today we move on to the regulation’s often ignored training requirements—and a handy resource for meeting those OSHA mandates. In any workplace in which a respirator is required, the employer must establish a written respiratory protection program with specific procedures […]

Protecting Workers 24/7

Find out how one company has leveraged their existing safety and health management system to cover employee off-the-job safety and become a leader in the field. “We finally realized the cost to the business as so many more people are hurt at home than at work,” says Dale Wriedt, manager of work and life safety […]

Hazmat Training? You Need a Plan

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration’s (PHMSA’s) hazmat training requirements are nonspecific. But one thing is crystal clear: You are legally responsible for making sure hazmat employees are properly trained. According to PHMSA regulations, hazmat training should ensure that employees can identify hazardous materials, understand regulatory requirements, know how to prevent accidents, and know […]

More Than Words: Tips for Training Trainers

It’s not just what trainers say that determines their effectiveness but also critical nonverbal cues for engaging trainees. Trainers’ body language, eye contact, and voice control have a greater impact on the effectiveness of training sessions than you might realize. Trainer’s who make eye contact with trainees and who use body language and vocal control […]