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4 Steps to Preventing OSHA Citations: Part II

Yesterday, we introduced the first two or four actions that can help prevent OSHA citations. Today, we conclude with the final two steps, training and self-audits. Attorney Tiffani Hiudt Casey, who advises employers on OSHA recordkeeping, hazard assessment and self-audits, and corporate-wide safety compliance, among other key issues, emphasizes the importance of proper safety training […]

How to Avoid Liability for Problem Employee Drivers

Workers who drive as part of their employment—even if all they do is drive to and from off-site meetings during the workday—can expose you to significant liability if they’re involved in an accident. To avoid liability, you need to identify drivers who could put you at risk and keep them off the road for work […]

Hand-held v. Hands-free Cell Phones

A National Highway Safety Administration (NHSTA) report found that at least 25% of motor vehicle crashes are distraction related. Distraction refers to the diversion of attention away from the primary task of driving due to other activities. Examples of distraction include animals, eating/drinking, reading, cell phones, passengers, rubber-necking, children, radio, texting, and smoking. These distractions […]

Winter Wellness

Spring doesn’t officially begin for about 3 more weeks, but encourage your workers not to wait for spring weather to engage in outdoor activities to stay fit. Remind employees that even though it may still be winter outside they still need to get outside for fresh air and enough daily sunlight for vitamin D absorption […]

Training Drivers of Every Age to Drive Safely

To help recognize Older Driver Safety Awareness Week, today’s Advisor gives you training tips for keeping older drivers safe in your workplace. The days of retiring at age 62 or so are over for many. Instead of playing golf and gardening, a significant number of older Americans are still at work. For example, the rates […]

Shiftworker Fatigue: Recent Sleeping-on-the-Job Incidents Highlight Risks

Recent incidents of air controllers sleeping on the job have prompted renewed concern about the role of fatigue in shiftwork inattention and accidents. Several incidents involving air traffic controllers falling asleep on the job during late night shifts has prompted Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to announce new scheduling rules for controllers: Controllers will now have […]

6 Tips for Safer Cell Phone Use

Today we look at the dangers of cell phone use—although several are still open to debate—and at some key elements of employee cell phone policies. For some time now, concerns over the safety hazards posed by cell phone use have not been limited to the potential for accidents caused by distracted driving. The OSHA Compliance […]

Safety Training Tips

Analyze This! Performing a job hazard analysis is an effective tool to minimize or eliminate hazards and reduce accidents. Make sure your employees don’t look at just the obvious dangers; train them to look for simple, everyday things that can go wrong, too. Each job in the workplace should be examined in detail so that […]

Why Plan for the Fire You Don’t Expect?

Although the chances of a fire at your workplace may be slim, the benefits to be gained from proper fire safety planning are immeasurable. You undoubtedly do a lot to prevent workplace fires, and perhaps you feel comfortable that your efforts will fireproof your facility. But since you just never know, and since it doesn’t […]

The Easy Way to Stay on Top of S&H Developments

As a safety professional, you have to stay on top of all the latest developments in workplace safety and health, and BLR’s OSHA Compliance Advisor is the easy way to keep up. Today, we conclude the roundup of research, surveys, and reports we began yesterday. Healthcare Costs A report released by the Center for Health […]