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OSHA’s Guidelines for Training and Evaluation

Yesterday, we presented the first four of OSHA’s seven employee safety training guidelines. Today, we conclude with the last three guidelines, plus some information about an essential training resource that will help you meet current and future safety training objectives easily and effectively. [You can read the first four guidelines here.] Step 5. Conduct the […]

Extreme Driving!

Extreme sports are all the rage these days, and perhaps some of your workers are developing their adventurous sides outside of the workplace. However, getting caught on the road in the middle of an earthquake may be an adventure in extreme driving that they weren’t looking for! Help your employees deal with these rare, yet […]

Keep It in Neutral!

Keeping a car in neutral gear is not a desirable action because the car wasn’t designed to move down the road in neutral. Keeping a neutral posture on the job, however, is the most desirable action to take because the human body was designed to work in a certain position in order to be most […]

4 Steps to Preventing OSHA Citations: Part II

Yesterday, we introduced the first two or four actions that can help prevent OSHA citations. Today, we conclude with the final two steps, training and self-audits. Attorney Tiffani Hiudt Casey, who advises employers on OSHA recordkeeping, hazard assessment and self-audits, and corporate-wide safety compliance, among other key issues, emphasizes the importance of proper safety training […]

Hand-held v. Hands-free Cell Phones

A National Highway Safety Administration (NHSTA) report found that at least 25% of motor vehicle crashes are distraction related. Distraction refers to the diversion of attention away from the primary task of driving due to other activities. Examples of distraction include animals, eating/drinking, reading, cell phones, passengers, rubber-necking, children, radio, texting, and smoking. These distractions […]

Winter Wellness

Spring doesn’t officially begin for about 3 more weeks, but encourage your workers not to wait for spring weather to engage in outdoor activities to stay fit. Remind employees that even though it may still be winter outside they still need to get outside for fresh air and enough daily sunlight for vitamin D absorption […]

Help Employees Party Hearty—and Stay Healthy

The holidays provide a great reason to get together with friends, family, and co-workers, which means there are lots of parties and food everywhere. Our Safety Training Tips editor warns that the weight you gain may not come off. It’s so easy to gain weight at this time of year, but even though the gain […]

Do Your Finances Need a Wellness Checkup?

Holiday spending is right around the corner. You know the holiday season can be stressful on your workers for a number of reasons, not least of which is financial strain. So this may be a good time to review sound financial principles with workers to minimize their stress—and the possibility of subsequent lost workdays. Begin […]

Assessing and Planning Your Safety Training

Yesterday we looked at the many benefits of turning over various safety responsibilities to your employees. Today we move on to assessing and planning your safety training. Legal Issues The need for safety training is sometimes only implied in OSHA legislation, rather than spelled out. BLR’s Safety Audit Checklists notes, for example, that the general […]

Training Drivers of Every Age to Drive Safely

To help recognize Older Driver Safety Awareness Week, today’s Advisor gives you training tips for keeping older drivers safe in your workplace. The days of retiring at age 62 or so are over for many. Instead of playing golf and gardening, a significant number of older Americans are still at work. For example, the rates […]