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State Requirements: Do They Really Reduce Injuries and Illness?

As proof of the success of injury and illness prevention programs, OSHA cites the experiences of eight states that either require a program or provide incentives through workers’ comp programs. Alaska. Five years after the state implemented an injury and illness program requirement, the net decrease in injuries and illnesses (i.e., the statewide reduction in […]

GHS Update: Time to Think About Training

If you haven’t already begun GHS training for employees, you have less than 8 months to get it done. Here’s a quick review of key training issues. If you use, handle, store chemicals in your workplace, you have until the end of this year (December 1) to train employees about the new GHS-compliant chemical labels […]

What to Do with Chemicals Without PELs

What do you do with hazardous chemicals for which OSHA has not designated a permissible exposure limit? Absent a PEL, you need other guidelines to protect employee health. But what are they? When there is no specific regulation concerning a hazard, the general duty clause kicks in. But it merely states that employers must “furnish […]

OSHA’s On-Site Consultation Service Is Very Popular—And Not Only Because It’s Free

Your business may be in the market for an outside safety consultant but lacking in resources to hire one. OSHA’s free safety and health consultation services may be the answer, or at least part of the answer. OSHA consultation provides free and confidential advice to small- and medium-sized businesses committed to improving workplace safety and […]

Diabetes: What Your Workers Need to Know

Your employees may have diabetes and not know it. Our Safety Training Tips editor says that more than one-quarter of people with the condition are undiagnosed. For this reason alone, it’s important to educate your workers on the dangers of this common condition. Tell employees that people with diabetes are more likely to have: Heart […]

Protecting Workers 24/7

Find out how one company has leveraged their existing safety and health management system to cover employee off-the-job safety and become a leader in the field. “We finally realized the cost to the business as so many more people are hurt at home than at work,” says Dale Wriedt, manager of work and life safety […]

Help Keep Your Workers (and Other Drivers) Safe on the Roads This Holiday Season

December is National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month. What better time for a safety meeting on keeping safe on the road this holiday season? Here are some safe holiday driving tips from MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving): Select a designated driver who pledges not drink before celebrations begin. Never serve alcohol at a holiday […]

Training in a Down Economy

If your organization has cut—or is thinking of cutting—its training budget during these hard economic times, tell the top brass to think again. Experts say that’s probably the worst move they could make. In a down economy, the first place many employers look to cut costs is in their training budget. They figure that training […]