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How to Avoid Liability for Problem Employee Drivers

Workers who drive as part of their employment—even if all they do is drive to and from off-site meetings during the workday—can expose you to significant liability if they’re involved in an accident. To avoid liability, you need to identify drivers who could put you at risk and keep them off the road for work […]

Are You Ready for an OSHA Inspection?

Currently president of FDRSafety in Brentwood, Tennessee, Jim Stanley had a long and distinguished career with OSHA. He achieved the rank of deputy assistant secretary and oversaw nationwide enforcement before retiring from the agency in 1996 and going to work in private industry. This should ideally be the safety director or someone in upper management […]

Shiftworker Fatigue: Recent Sleeping-on-the-Job Incidents Highlight Risks

Recent incidents of air controllers sleeping on the job have prompted renewed concern about the role of fatigue in shiftwork inattention and accidents. Several incidents involving air traffic controllers falling asleep on the job during late night shifts has prompted Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to announce new scheduling rules for controllers: Controllers will now have […]

Safety Training Tips

Analyze This! Performing a job hazard analysis is an effective tool to minimize or eliminate hazards and reduce accidents. Make sure your employees don’t look at just the obvious dangers; train them to look for simple, everyday things that can go wrong, too. Each job in the workplace should be examined in detail so that […]

6 Tips for Safer Cell Phone Use

Today we look at the dangers of cell phone use—although several are still open to debate—and at some key elements of employee cell phone policies. For some time now, concerns over the safety hazards posed by cell phone use have not been limited to the potential for accidents caused by distracted driving. The OSHA Compliance […]

The Easy Way to Stay on Top of S&H Developments

As a safety professional, you have to stay on top of all the latest developments in workplace safety and health, and BLR’s OSHA Compliance Advisor is the easy way to keep up. Today, we conclude the roundup of research, surveys, and reports we began yesterday. Healthcare Costs A report released by the Center for Health […]

Training Teen Workers

Teenagers have more accidents at work because they lack the experience to prevent them. As their supervisor, you can help make up for that by showing them how to do the job correctly and safely—and explaining clearly the risks of not following these steps. Don’t assume that a young person will understand what could go […]

How to Prevent CO Poisoning at Work and at Home

Despite the fact that carbon monoxide is a potentially deadly hazard, it doesn’t have to be a killer. Your workers can prevent exposures if they’re properly trained. When poisoning is the hazard, prevention is the only way to go. Swift and competent first aid could save the life of a worker overcome by carbon monoxide […]

Are You Prepared for Emergencies?

September is National Preparedness Month, which makes it a good time for refresher training on emergency preparedness. While this recognition is held in September to mark the anniversary of the 9/11/01 attacks, emergencies also include natural disasters, fires, chemical spills, and other incidents. So your workers need to be prepared—especially in the workplace, where so […]