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How Can You Protect Workers from IAQ Risks?

Learn what you could and should be doing to prevent and control indoor air quality (IAQ) problems and protect employees from health risks. OSHA recommends a management approach to IAQ problems—the same systematic means that you might use to address other safety and health issues. The elements are familiar: Management commitment Training Employee involvement Hazard […]

Week in Review, June 10, 2011

Note to Readers: This newsletter appears daily, but we know some don’t always have the time to read it everyday. For your convenience, here’s a re-publication of what we covered this past week. Daily, weekly, or anything in between, we’re pleased to keep you informed with the latest tips, news and advice on the profession. […]

Make 2011 Your Best Training Year Ever

Employee training may be your most important responsibility. Find out how to strengthen your training programs this year. The renowned American sprinter Jesse Owens observed, “A lifetime of training for just 10 seconds.” For some employees one critical decision influenced by years of training will make the difference between life and death. Whether you’re hoping […]

Polling the Professionals: What Your Colleagues Are Thinking and Doing About Workplace Safety

BLR regularly polls safety professionals like yourself to find out what people are thinking and doing about important safety and health issues. Here’s a sample of those polls, courtesy of If Mitt Romney is elected tomorrow, what direction will OSHA take? 39%    No significant change in direction 35%    Less compliance and enforcement driven 22%    […]

Keep Your Employees Safe at Home, Too

Safety concerns don’t stop when your employees leave the workplace. Whether they get injured at home or on the job, you still face lost workdays and health insurance costs. So encourage home safety, too, by giving safety training on one of the top causes of accidental death and injury off the job—falls. Employees can fall-proof […]

When Domestic Violence Enters the Workplace

Chances are you employ someone who is being abused. Is that any of your business? It is when domestic violence enters your workplace. According to government statistics: As many as 1 in 4 women have experienced domestic violence at some time in their lives. Nearly 3 out of 4 Americans know someone who has been […]

Analyze Your Way to Safer Jobs

One of the best ways to determine safe work procedures to protect workers in a particular job is to conduct a job hazard analysis.< Job hazard analysis is a simple but powerful technique that focuses on job tasks as a way to identify hazards before they occur. It focuses on the relationship between the worker, […]

Find Out Why ‘Body Breaks’ Improve Learning

Getting trainees moving during sessions increases brain function and improves learning, says one training expert. Brain research conducted in the past decade has found that moving from a sitting position to a standing position increases oxygen to the brain by 15 to 20 percent and that more oxygen in the brain means better learning. “It’s […]

Trial Spotlights Deadly Toll of Asbestos

The high-profile prosecution of chemical manufacturer W.R. Grace and three of its executives underscored the dangers that asbestos poses to workers, communities, and the environment. After a hotly contested trial, a jury last month returned a not guilty verdict against W.R. Grace and three of its executives. The company and executives had been charged with […]