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Work Safely with Asbestos? It’s Possible

Given the risks of working with asbestos, safety must always be a priority. Effective employee training and other precautions such as engineering controls and personal protective equipment (PPE) are necessary to keep workers safe. OSHA’s asbestos standard (29 CFR 1910.1001) requires you to inform employees who might be exposed to asbestos about the hazards and […]

Don’t throw away those instructions!

Please read through all the instructions before using this product. How many times have you read that line in the instruction booklet of a new assembly required toy, gadget, or software application—and then skimmed over the rest of the directions? How many hours later did you get the toy assembled—or the software working smoothly with […]

A Harvest of Wellness Training

In many parts of the country, the appearance of colorful leaves means the coming of colder, shorter days. But it also means the harvesting of colorful foods that are healthful and flavorful. This is a great season for wellness training on how to have a healthy harvest. Here are the ABCs of great fall flavors: […]

A Sound Ergonomics Program = Good Business Sense

OSHA estimates that 1.8 million workers each year report work-related MSDs such as carpal tunnel syndrome and low back pain. About 600,000 of these MSD injuries are serious enough to require workers to take time off work in order to recover. Ergonomic measures, if implemented effectively, will reduce these numbers. According to Safety Training Presentations’ […]

If You’ve Got Questions

Today and tomorrow, we present questions about OSHA regulatory requirements on a number of different issues, and the answers from BLR’s safety experts. Q. Do hand and power tools have annual inspection criteria above and beyond the need to inspect prior to use? A. There are no OSHA requirements under the hand and power tool […]

Safety & Health Under Obama: What to Expect?

Washington, D.C., is full of new faces and new initiatives. What are the implications for occupational safety and health of all these changes? Who stands to gain and whose agenda will be shoved to the back burner for the next 3½ years? There is no shortage of opinion about what the Obama administration will ultimately […]

Why Plan for the Fire You Don’t Expect?

Although the chances of a fire at your workplace may be slim, the benefits to be gained from proper fire safety planning are immeasurable. You undoubtedly do a lot to prevent workplace fires, and perhaps you feel comfortable that your efforts will fireproof your facility. But since you just never know, and since it doesn’t […]

Don’t Slip Up!

Between workers comp expenses, lost-time, medical charges, and property damage, common slip, trip, and fall accidents can get expensive. Here are some important tips to pass on to your workers: Slips On slippery or wet surfaces, take short steps, walk with your feet turned outward slightly, and make wide turns at corners. Wear slip resistant […]

Protect Your Built-In Camera

January is National Eye Care Month, so it’s a good time to train your employees on vision health and safety. Get employees’ attention by saying that you’re going to put the focus on the built-in camera that is their eyes. Explain that the cornea that shields the eye is capable of out-performing the best optics […]