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Is It Time for Training

Many training articles are focused on the content of training. But another equally valid consideration is when to train, which is the topic of today’s Advisor. There are many different scenarios in the workplace when training is necessary or recommended. For example: 1.  New employees or transferred employees should be trained before they are initially […]

Don’t Let Winter Drive Up Your Accident Rate

Whether it’s 3.6 inches of snow in Las Vegas or snow and ice storms in New England, we’ve already seen our fair share of dangerous weather this winter. Today we’ll cover some tips for keeping your workers safe in winter weather, particularly when on the road. Snow and ice, plus frequent strong winds and even […]

How Can You Protect Workers from IAQ Risks?

Learn what you could and should be doing to prevent and control indoor air quality (IAQ) problems and protect employees from health risks. OSHA recommends a management approach to IAQ problems—the same systematic means that you might use to address other safety and health issues. The elements are familiar: Management commitment Training Employee involvement Hazard […]

Week in Review, June 10, 2011

Note to Readers: This newsletter appears daily, but we know some don’t always have the time to read it everyday. For your convenience, here’s a re-publication of what we covered this past week. Daily, weekly, or anything in between, we’re pleased to keep you informed with the latest tips, news and advice on the profession. […]

Polling the Professionals: What Your Colleagues Are Thinking and Doing About Workplace Safety

BLR regularly polls safety professionals like yourself to find out what people are thinking and doing about important safety and health issues. Here’s a sample of those polls, courtesy of If Mitt Romney is elected tomorrow, what direction will OSHA take? 39%    No significant change in direction 35%    Less compliance and enforcement driven 22%    […]

Keep Your Employees Safe at Home, Too

Safety concerns don’t stop when your employees leave the workplace. Whether they get injured at home or on the job, you still face lost workdays and health insurance costs. So encourage home safety, too, by giving safety training on one of the top causes of accidental death and injury off the job—falls. Employees can fall-proof […]

Analyze Your Way to Safer Jobs

One of the best ways to determine safe work procedures to protect workers in a particular job is to conduct a job hazard analysis.< Job hazard analysis is a simple but powerful technique that focuses on job tasks as a way to identify hazards before they occur. It focuses on the relationship between the worker, […]

Updates and Reforms Proposed for OSHAct

Updates and reforms to OSHAct are being proposed in Congress and elsewhere. You may wish to make your voice heard in this conversation. U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) has reintroduced legislation she says will help ensure that workers are safeguarded in the 21st century economy. The Protecting America’s Workers Act (PAWA) amends and updates the […]

National Safety Month and Teen Driving Safety

June is National Safety Month, and this year’s week-by-week themes are as follows: June 7-13: Teen Driving Safety June 14-20: Preventing Overexertion at Work and at Home June 21-27: Dangers of Cell Phone Use While Driving June 28-30: Summer Safety   Teen Driving Safety is next week’s theme, so refresh your workers on the limits […]

Healthy Workers, Healthy Workplace

Seven out of 10 deaths are due to preventable causes. Workplace wellness programs help prevent the preventable and keep workers healthy and productive. Employee wellness has come a long way since L.L. Bean opened its first fitness center in 1982. A big leap came in 2000 when the state of Maine began its own health […]