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Help Keep Your Workers (and Other Drivers) Safe on the Roads This Holiday Season

December is National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month. What better time for a safety meeting on keeping safe on the road this holiday season? Here are some safe holiday driving tips from MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving): Select a designated driver who pledges not drink before celebrations begin. Never serve alcohol at a holiday […]

Diabetes: Are Your Workers at Risk?

This Friday, our Safety Training Tips editor focuses on a killer—diabetes—and what you can tell your workers about what it is and how it can be treated, if they catch it early! What is diabetes? People with diabetes have a problem with their metabolism. Their bodies can’t process a kind of sugar in their blood […]

Report: Drugged Drivers Keep on Truckin’ – What’s in Your Workplace?

A new government report highlights serious flaws in truck driver drug testing enforcement. Several of the report’s key findings and recommendations may well be applied across other industries. The perils of drugs in the workplace are well-documented, but nowhere are those dangers scarier than when the “workplace” is out on the highways. Even given that, […]

Saving Energy at Work and Beyond

Earth Day is April 22 this year, so this is a good month to talk with employees about conserving energy at work. Whether they work in an office, a warehouse, a factory, or other workspace, employees can take many steps to save energy. Workers can start saving energy on their commute to work. Inform workers […]

Stretch Away Employee Pain and Stretch Your Profit Margin

Employees don’t have to join a health club or get specialized training to relieve the achy discomfort of repetitive motion or too much sitting. These simple stretching exercises can be done at any workstation. Employees don’t have to join a health club or get specialized training to relieve the achy discomfort of repetitive motion or […]

Preparing for GHS

GHS is on the way. It’s been called a “sea change” in the way we communicate chemical hazards. Are you prepared? A plan to bring the United States into alignment with other countries in its approach to hazard communication, the Globally Harmonized System (GHS), could become part of the OSHA Hazard Communication standard within the […]

Could Your Safety Picture Look Better?

Next week (May 3-9, 2009) is North American Occupational Safety and Health Week. Our Safety Training Tips editor has some suggestions as to how you can commemorate this important event and make your workplace safer. Turn the spotlight on problem areas. Start with your incident records, safety complaints, and other safety performance indicators. For example: […]

Lyme Disease—Don’t Get Ticked

We all spend time outdoors, so we all are at some risk of coming into contact with the deer ticks that carry Lyme disease. Our Safety Training Tips editor offers some tips to share with your workers for lowering the risk of contracting this potentially debilitating disease. Lyme disease lives in squirrels, mice, and other […]

You’ve Been Cited: What Now?

If you are cited for violations following an OSHA inspection, there are certain procedures that must be followed. Here’s a brief overview of key issues. If you receive a Citation and Notification of Penalty from OSHA following an inspection: You must post the citation (or a copy of it) at or near the place where […]