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Must You Follow Your Insurer’s Safety Recommendations?

Gary Findley, Safety Director for Grand Package Corp., was concerned when he heard that the company’s workers compensation insurance carrier wanted to conduct a safety audit of the plant. “Don’t worry,” the president of Grand Package reassured him. “It’s not as if we’re having an OSHA inspection. The insurance company is coming here to help […]

Voluntary Partnership Announced by O&G Companies

Twenty-six oil and natural gas (O&G) companies have introduced a new voluntary program “focused initially on reducing methane and volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.” Calling themselves Environmental Partnership, the companies have agreed to phase into their operations three environmental performance goals starting January 1, 2018:

OSHA’s Top 10 List and How to Stay Off It

OSHA’s newest top 10 list of violations includes familiar hazards. Today and tomorrow, we look at a number of these entries and suggest ways to avoid OSHA violations and penalties. As you probably already know, the top 10 violations for 2012 are: Fall protection—general requirements Hazard communication Scaffolding Respiratory protection Ladders Machine guarding Powered industrial […]

Blended Learning Options: Hands-On Training

This month we continue assessing your various training options to help you put together the right mix of blended learning to ensure your workers are the best trained they can be. There are numerous methods and materials available to help you prepare and equip employees to better do their jobs. Indeed, with so many choices […]

Be Safe in the Zone!

April 4 to 8 is National Work Zone Awareness Week, which makes it a good time to give your employees vital information on driving safely in work zones. Spring is also the season when road construction projects start up in earnest, so your employees will undoubtedly be encountering work zones on their commutes or when […]

What A Supervisor Needs To Know

Wouldn’t it be great to learn everything there is to know about preventing accidents at your worksite? Unfortunately, in these days of advancing technologies and new equipment and materials, it’s almost an impossible task. That’s why a supervisor should concentrate on acquiring, at a minimum, a good working knowledge of the following eleven building blocks […]

Stretch Away Employee Pain and Stretch Your Profit Margin

Employees don’t have to join a health club or get specialized training to relieve the achy discomfort of repetitive motion or too much sitting. These simple stretching exercises can be done at any workstation. Employees don’t have to join a health club or get specialized training to relieve the achy discomfort of repetitive motion or […]

Hot and Hazardous: Heat Illness Can Be Deadly

Heat can be a real danger for workers during the summer, especially those who work outdoors. Heat illness should be viewed as a serious health problem—one that can even be fatal. For many people, summer heat is uncomfortable. But for some it can be down right dangerous. That’s why OSHA is currently promoting a national […]

One Website for All Your Workplace Safety Needs

Yesterday, we featured several general questions about workplace safety your colleagues have asked the experts at Today, we add a couple of more Q&As, plus details about all the other outstanding features you’ll find at BLR’s information-packed workplace safety website. Q. Is an employer required to keep records of the training and/or certifications of […]