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Improving Workers’ Comp: Hard Work, But Worth the Effort

Workers’ compensation benefits can be a lifesaver for an injured employee, but providing and managing coverage can be a costly hassle for employers. Experts say that workers fare better and companies save money when comp is integrated into safety and risk management functions. The challenge for business today, says Sam Friedman, is adding money to […]

Do You Twitter About Training?

It’s a new world of communication these days, and to keep your training current, you need to find ways to use new social media technologies in your training program. In fact, social media tools can help promote retention of training content, according to Thomas Stone, product design architect with Element K®. As the use of […]

Home Is Where the Falls Are

According to the National Safety Council, when it comes to off-the-job safety, falls in the home are the second leading cause of accidental death in the community, surpassed only by car crashes. Whether your employees fall and injure themselves on the job or fall and get hurt off-the job, the result is often the same—lost […]

Training Drivers of Every Age to Drive Safely

To help recognize Older Driver Safety Awareness Week, today’s Advisor gives you training tips for keeping older drivers safe in your workplace. The days of retiring at age 62 or so are over for many. Instead of playing golf and gardening, a significant number of older Americans are still at work. For example, the rates […]

The Air at Work

October is Healthy Lung Month, which is a good time for you to discuss airborne hazards and how your employees can protect their lungs. Start by discussing what causes lung disease on the job. The American Lung Association lists several workplace breathing hazards: Dusts Environmental tobacco smoke (secondhand smoke) Gases Solvent mists and vapors Welding […]

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

If you work outside for a living, you know that wintertime is no picnic. It’s just as cold if you enjoy skiing or skating or sledding or ice fishing. The cold temperatures can cause your body to develop “hypothermia” or cold stress, which can be quite dangerous. Even if your body temperature drops just a […]

Winter Wellness

Spring doesn’t officially begin for about 3 more weeks, but encourage your workers not to wait for spring weather to engage in outdoor activities to stay fit. Remind employees that even though it may still be winter outside they still need to get outside for fresh air and enough daily sunlight for vitamin D absorption […]

Setting a Safe Example

In the eyes of most of the people who work for you, you are the company—or at least their closest link to the company. Have you ever stopped to think of what sort of an image you project to your crew? Have you ever tried to see yourself as others see you? For instance, have […]

Assessing and Planning Your Safety Training

Yesterday we looked at the many benefits of turning over various safety responsibilities to your employees. Today we move on to assessing and planning your safety training. Legal Issues The need for safety training is sometimes only implied in OSHA legislation, rather than spelled out. BLR’s Safety Audit Checklists notes, for example, that the general […]

Get Your Workplace Ready for Flu Season

Experts say that one simple action can protect employees’ health and reduce costs of sick leave this flu season—hand washing. Yes, mothers everywhere were on the right track when they told us for years: wash your hands! Here are some important facts about hand washing from the Oregon Department of Health Services: Hand washing is […]