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Financial Wellness Training: Choosing a Contractor

Untitled Document Consider adding an occasional financial wellness session to your wellness safety and health program. In today’s Advisor, we give you suggestions that you can pass on to your workers to help prevent contractor nightmares that might create personal stress that affects their work performance. Are you planning on fixing up your house or […]

Be Heart Smart: Provide a Helping of Healthy Information

February isn’t only for valentines and chocolates. It’s also a time to think about heart health. Our Safety Training Tips editor tells you why. Nearly a million Americans have heart attacks every year, and heart disease is a leading cause of death for both men and women. Of course, it doesn’t need to be that […]

Training Drivers of Every Age to Drive Safely

To help recognize Older Driver Safety Awareness Week, today’s Advisor gives you training tips for keeping older drivers safe in your workplace. The days of retiring at age 62 or so are over for many. Instead of playing golf and gardening, a significant number of older Americans are still at work. For example, the rates […]

Find Out Why ‘Body Breaks’ Improve Learning

Getting trainees moving during sessions increases brain function and improves learning, says one training expert. Brain research conducted in the past decade has found that moving from a sitting position to a standing position increases oxygen to the brain by 15 to 20 percent and that more oxygen in the brain means better learning. “It’s […]

Winter Wellness

Spring doesn’t officially begin for about 3 more weeks, but encourage your workers not to wait for spring weather to engage in outdoor activities to stay fit. Remind employees that even though it may still be winter outside they still need to get outside for fresh air and enough daily sunlight for vitamin D absorption […]

Climbing to the Top

You go up a ladder. You go down a ladder. What’s the big deal? According to safety statistics, at least 100,000 people fall from ladders each year and injure themselves, while 300 will die in falls from ladders. Let’s look at the dangers involved with a ladder. These are based on actual incidents that have […]

Don’t Get Caught in the Trap—Prepare for OSHA Inspections

Although you may not be able to avoid the “knock on the door,” you can avoid being caught in the enforcement trap by making sure you are prepared for safety and health inspections. It’s critical to do everything possible to be responsive and prepare for all the stages of the inspection process. You actions will […]

Safe Business Travel

Here’s a general overview of travel precautions that you can customize and update for the types of trips your workers take. Some of your workers may travel for work-related reasons, whether for training, contracting, selling, etc., so it’s a good idea to give these employees safety precautions to take when they’re on the road for […]

Make 2011 Your Best Training Year Ever

Employee training may be your most important responsibility. Find out how to strengthen your training programs this year. The renowned American sprinter Jesse Owens observed, “A lifetime of training for just 10 seconds.” For some employees one critical decision influenced by years of training will make the difference between life and death. Whether you’re hoping […]

Are You Prepared for Emergencies?

September is National Preparedness Month, which makes it a good time for refresher training on emergency preparedness. While this recognition is held in September to mark the anniversary of the 9/11/01 attacks, emergencies also include natural disasters, fires, chemical spills, and other incidents. So your workers need to be prepared—especially in the workplace, where so […]