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Cell Phones? Passengers? Which Is More Distracting?

OSHA says that distracted driving is a factor in 25 percent to 30 percent of all traffic crashes. Researchers say that cell phone use while driving is among the biggest distractions—even with hands-free phones. Here’s yet another study about the hazards of using a cell phone and driving. This one, conducted by University of Utah […]

Obesity Costlier to Business than Smoking, Alcoholism

Helping workers deal with weight problems will improve their health—and your profitability. Take a look around your workplace. Notice anything different? Do some of your employees seem a bit, um, bigger? Or, to put it politically incorrectly, fatter? A study released in April by The Conference Board states that more than one-third (34 percent) of […]

Do You Twitter About Training?

It’s a new world of communication these days, and to keep your training current, you need to find ways to use new social media technologies in your training program. In fact, social media tools can help promote retention of training content, according to Thomas Stone, product design architect with Element K®. As the use of […]

Safety Checklists A Must in 2011 – Keep OSHA At Bay

Week in Review, January 28, 2011 Note to Readers: This newsletter appears daily, but we know some don’t always have the time to read it everyday. For your convenience, here’s a re-publication of what we covered this past week. Daily, weekly, or anything in between, we’re pleased to keep you informed with the latest tips, […]

EPA on Flight Path to Limit Aircraft GHGs

The EPA has issued a final rule that finds that greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from aircraft contribute to air pollution that may reasonably be anticipated to endanger public health and the welfare of future generations. Having made that determination, the EPA is now obligated by the Clean Air Act (CAA) to propose and issue final […]

Keep Your Employees Safe at Home, Too

Safety concerns don’t stop when your employees leave the workplace. Whether they get injured at home or on the job, you still face lost workdays and health insurance costs. So encourage home safety, too, by giving safety training on one of the top causes of accidental death and injury off the job—falls. Employees can fall-proof […]

Analyze Your Way to Safer Jobs

One of the best ways to determine safe work procedures to protect workers in a particular job is to conduct a job hazard analysis.< Job hazard analysis is a simple but powerful technique that focuses on job tasks as a way to identify hazards before they occur. It focuses on the relationship between the worker, […]

OSHA’s Top 10 List and How to Stay Off It: Part 2

Yesterday, we reviewed some tips for avoiding penalties and fines for violations of some of the standards on OSHA’s top 10 list. Today, we provide more tips for thee more commonly violated standards. Lockout/Tagout (29 CFR 1910.147) Tips for staying in compliance with the lockout/tagout standard include: Develop a written energy control program that includes […]

What’s in Your Safety Program?

Eliminating accidents and injuries is the ultimate goal of all safety programs. But to achieve this goal, safety programs must incorporate a specific accident prevention policy. The best safety programs incorporate an accident prevention policy that covers these basic points: A statement of the company’s commitment to safety Establishment of a safety committee and an […]

Supreme Court: CWA JD Is Final Agency Action

In a ruling with no dissent—although several brief, separate, concurring opinions were filed—the U.S. Supreme Court found that an approved jurisdictional determination (JD) by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) about the Clean Water Act (CWA) status of a property is a final agency action subject to judicial review.