SPCC infographic: What type of SPCC plan do you need?

Those facilities that meet the definition of a “qualified facility” may self-certify their SPCC plan and amendments rather than use a professional engineer (PE). Determinations about environmental equivalence and impracticality still require a PE certification even at qualified facilities, if they are included in the SPCC plan.

Infographic: Can Technology Make Safety Simpler?

BLR recently partnered with ProntoForms to survey 500+ safety pros to see if technology can make safety simpler and more effective. This new infographic offers insight into the results. (Note: You can download survey results here.)

Check Out the New Confined Spaces in Construction Infographic!

OSHA recently issued a final rule requiring construction employers to take steps to protect workers from confined space hazards. (Previously, confined space rules only applied to general industry.) Take a look at the new BLR® infographic below to learn the essentials of the new rule—and what you need to do to comply. Your one-stop safety […]

6 steps of a Job Hazard Analysis (Infographic)

6 Steps of a Job Hazard Analysis Infographic: By BLR for Assessing your workplace and identifying hazards to employee health and safety is required by OSHA. But good job hazard analyses (JHAs) have benefits beyond ensuring compliance, like lower risk of work-related deaths, illnesses, and injuries, reducing absenteeism, and increasing productivity. Go beyond the […]

Infographic: Safety & the Human Factor, Sponsored by Safestart

You can provide training, write policies, and hold safety meetings, but at the end of the day, you can’t control one of the most important variables in workplace safety—human behavior. To find out about the challenges companies face in ensuring that employees work safely, BLR partnered with SafeStart to survey over 1,000 safety professionals about […]

Westermans Infographic: Fatal and Non-Fatal Injuries in the Workplace

Westermans International, a UK based welding company, recently put together an infographic about fatal and non-fatal injuries and illness in the workplace. It features statistics about the kinds of diseases and accidents that occur frequently, as well as the industries worst affected. Based on data from the Health and Safety Executive Annual Statistics Report, this […]