Faces of EHS: Adele Abrams on Staying the Course Ethically

Adele Abrams is an attorney, safety professional and trainer who is president of the Law Office of Adele L. Abrams P.C., a multi-attorney firm focusing on safety, health and employment law nationwide. Adele is an Associate Safety Professional, and Certified Mine Safety Professional, and she instructs on employment law at University of Colorado and Catholic […]

EHS On Tap: E126 Common Myths and Misconceptions About FR Clothing

On episode 126 of EHS On Tap, Derek Sang, technical training manager at Bulwark, talks about Common Myths and Misconceptions about flame-resistant clothing. This episode is sponsored by Bulwark.

Infographic: Suicide Prevention

This week, September 5-9, 2022, is Construction Suicide Prevention Week. OSHA created this week back in 2020 in partnership with many sponsors in the construction industry in order to raise awareness about the high number of suicides in construction, and to provide resources to help prevention efforts. Here’s what you need to know about suicide prevention in construction. […]

EHS On Tap: E125 Helping Workers Deal With Stress and Build a Sense of Community

On episode 125 of EHS On Tap, Neil Shah, founder of International Wellbeing Insights and Chief De-Stressing Officer of The Stress Management Society, talks about how employers can help workers deal with stress and build a sense of community and hope.

Infographic: Wildfire Preparation

Wildfires are becoming increasingly more common with climate change, and they cause major hazards for both people and businesses. OSHA says that employers are required to protect workers from the anticipated hazards associate with the response and recovery operations for wildfires that the workers are likely to conduct. Here’s what you need to know about wildfire preparation. […]

Infographic: Cleaning, Disinfecting, & Sanitizing

It’s important to properly clean, disinfect, and sanitize to make buildings healthy. There is some confusion among the three terms, but it’s important to focus on cleaning and disinfecting unless your facility or local, state, or federal law requires sanitization. Here’s what you need to know about cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing. Check out our Back […]

Faces of EHS: Claire Beich on Doing the Right Thing for the Right Reasons

Claire Beich, CSP, has has over two decades of experience in adult learning and 10+ years of professional EHS experience in a versatile range of industries including construction, military, manufacturing, food and maritime. She is passionate about employee safety and engagement, and strive to bring a greater awareness to safety and the importance of leadership […]

Infographic: Oil and Gas Hazards

Oil and gas industry workers face all kinds of hazards during all the different industrial processes they execute in order to drill and service a well. Here’s what you need to know about oil and gas industry hazards.