Infographic: A Fall Prevention Safety Stand-Down

Use this infographic to help you plan your Safety Stand-Down event. Click here to watch! Watch BLR’s webinar, Fall Protection: Complying with OSHA’s Newly Released Final Rule Following ANSI Z359, on-demand. You’ll learn how to: Interpret how ANSI Z359 and OSHA’s fall protection rule are related Develop and implement programs for the new OSHA rules […]

EHS on Tap: E33 The (Big) Risks of Believing Environmental Compliance No Longer Matters

The EPA and its regulatory agenda have recently been no stranger to controversy. Putting all of the politics aside, the frequent talk of deregulation may have lured some companies into a false sense of security regarding environmental enforcement, causing business leaders to think that environmental compliance no longer matters—a belief that could be a big risk for organizations, […]

EHS on Tap: E32 The OSHA Recordkeeping and Electronic Submission Rule: Safety Meets Big Data

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s electronic reporting of workplace injuries and illnesses, also known as the recordkeeping and electronic submission rule, has been a source of confusion for many EHS professionals. Deadlines for compliance have been delayed time and again, and some professionals aren’t even sure what compliance means for them and their organizations. […]

Asbestos Awareness Week Infographic

It’s Global Asbestos Awareness Week—check out this infographic from the Mesothelioma + Asbestos Awareness Center (MAA) for valuable information regarding this persistent environmental, health, and safety hazard.

Dropped Objects Quiz

Are you smart on risks, costs, and solutions to the dropped objects hazard? In a world where a drop can kill and fetching a broken tool from 100-ft. below is a real possibility, safety pros across all industries are learning how to stop drops. Take 5 minutes to test your safety knowledge with this quick […]

EHS on Tap: E31 Drug Testing: Compliance, Safety, and the HR Connection

Managing the use and abuse of drugs in the workplace is getting trickier every day. Between a national wave of marijuana legalization and an opioid epidemic, EHS pros nationwide have their hands full staying in line with both federal and local laws while also keeping their workplaces safe and incident-free. It can be tough to […]

Infographic: Post-Accident Drug Testing

Drug testing is an issue that is getting trickier every day, especially for safety professionals. Use this infographic to help you know when you should conduct a post-accident drug test. Click here to register! Join us on Friday, March 30, for BLR’s webinar, Opioids and Marijuana in the Workplace: Strategies for Post-Accident Drug Testing, Managing […]

Ladder Safety Quiz

March is National Ladder Safety Month, an opportunity to review your policies, training, and equipment. Take this time to also test your ladder safety knowledge with this quick quiz sponsored by Avetta!