EHS On Tap E118: How to Eliminate Dysfunction From Your Safety Culture

On episode 118 of EHS On Tap, Dr. Tim Ludwig, professor at Appalachian State University, talks about his book Dysfunctional Practices That Kill Your Safety Culture.

Dr. Ludwig founded and directs the Appalachian Safety Summit where he brings in internationally renowned behavioral safety experts to Appalachian State allowing safety professionals to engage with these individuals in an intimate mountain setting.

Dr. Ludwig’s website is a content-rich resource of safety culture stories, blogs, research, videos, and services.  Dr. Ludwig was cited for the second time in Industrial Safety and Hygiene News (ISHN) “50 Leaders for Today and Tomorrow”. Dr. Ludwig is the author of dozens of scholarly articles that empirically document the successes of methods to improve safety and quality in industry through behavior-based solutions. His books include Intervening to Improve the Safety of Occupational DrivingBehavioral Systems: Understanding Complexity in OrganizationsBehavioral Science Approaches to Process Safety: A Response to Industry’s Call, and Dysfunctional Practices that Kill your Safety Culture.

Dr. Ludwig served as Editor of the Journal of Organizational Behavior Management where the seminal research on behavioral safety was published in the 1970s and where current peer-reviewed behavioral safety research is still often published.  Dr. Ludwig is the past President of the Organizational Behavior Management Network that boasts the top behavioral scientists who apply their craft to organizational challenges, including safety.  Dr. Ludwig is invited to present his research and behavioral models at numerous scholarly conferences internationally.