EHS on Tap: E42 A Patchwork of Regulations: Environmental Compliance in the Trump Era

EPA Headquarters

Today’s regulatory landscape can be confusing to say the least for environment, health, and safety professionals, especially when it comes to environmental compliance. The Trump administration has pursued an overall deregulatory agenda at the federal level while emphasizing compliance assistance over enforcement; however, this is at the same time that more stringent regulations are being introduced by many individual states. Also, many large companies have already begun compliance efforts (and spent a lot of money) to address rules that are now facing revision or replacement proposals. It’s all resulted in a complex patchwork of regulations—what’s an EHS manager to do? Fortunately, in today’s episode sponsored by Cority, our guest can provide some insight and help us sort through the issues.

Joining us today for our discussion is Ian Cohen, Product Marketing Manager for Cority’s Safety, Environmental, and Sustainability solutions, where he works to deliver products to the market that are designed to meet clients’ needs in an ever-changing regulatory environment.

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Ian CohenIan Cohen is Product Marketing Manager for Cority’s Safety, Environmental, and Sustainability solutions. Ian previously served as Environmental Product manager at Cority, and prior to joining Cority, Ian was an environmental specialist at Florida Power & Light Company, where he served as the project and program lead for the company’s enterprise-wide environmental compliance management system. Ian was also a member of Florida Power & Light’s sustainability lead team and supported annual reporting and a myriad of sustainability projects. Ian holds a Master’s in Environmental Science and a bachelor’s in Biology, both from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, and his research has been published in the peer-reviewed journals Annals of Botany and Zoologica Scripta.


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