EHS On Tap E87: Industrial Wastewater Treatment—Aging Infrastructure and the Impact on Compliance

On episode 87 of EHS On Tap, we are joined by Anguil Environmental Systems’ Mike Munnagle, Director of Industrial Water and Remediation, and Tim Jaglinski, Senior Application Engineer, to talk about industrial wastewater treatment. This episode is presented by Anguil Environmental Systems.

Mike Munnagle oversees the Industrial Water Treatment and Remediation business units at Anguil Environmental Systems. He has helped Anguil expand their systems capabilities and offerings over the last two and half years. Before joining Anguil, he was a partner in a firm that brought patented water treatment technology from bench-top to commercial-scale. Prior to those efforts, Munnagle spent many years in software and Software as a Service (SaaS) in sales and sales management roles. Mike graduated with a BS from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire.

Tim Jaglinski joined Anguil Environmental Systems in 2015 to provide a focus on industrial and remediation water treatment. As a senior application engineer, Jaglinski is the lead technical liaison for Anguil’s wastewater treatment solutions as well as oxidizer projects for remediation. He has a bachelor of science in aeronautical engineering, as well as a Masters and PhD in materials science and engineering from the University of Wisconsin Madison.