EHS On Tap Two-Minute Warning 003: What You Need to Know About Psychological Safety

In episode 3 of EHS On Tap Two-Minute Warning, Camille Oakes, president and CEO of Better Safety, talks about what you need to understand about psychological safety for workers. Look for a full conversation with Oakes in an upcoming episode of EHS On Tap.

Camille Oakes, CSP, SMS, CIT, is a 15-year veteran of safety and health. As the founder of Better Safety, Oakes consults with companies to employ better training, better culture and better business practices. She specializes in working with organizations in trouble—poor safety performance, high injury rates, and low morale—and engaging with all levels to sustain improvement that actually works. Oakes is a sought-after speaker for conferences and workshops, teaching safety professionals how to get more results.