EHS On Tap Two-Minute Warning 007: What You Need to Know About Resilience

In episode 7 of EHS On Tap Two-Minute Warning, Jill James, chief safety officer for HSI, talks about what you need to know about resilience. Look for a full conversation with James in an upcoming episode of EHS On Tap.

Jill James is Chief Safety Officer at HSI. James’ 27-year health and safety career includes 12 years as Senior Safety Investigator with OSHA, and several years in healthcare, education, biotech, life sciences, and the poultry industry. At HSI, James focuses on thought leadership, brand awareness, product, external relationships, internal training, and tracking/deciphering regulatory changes and trends. James is host of the “Accidental Safety Pro” podcast and content creator of the “Supervisor Safety Tip” video series.