EHS On Tap Two-Minute Warning 010: What You Need to Know About Tech and ESG Efforts

In episode 10 of EHS On Tap Two-Minute Warning, Natasha Porter, chief customer officer at Benchmark Digital Partners, talks about what you need to know about upcoming trends in technology and environment, social, and governance efforts. Look for the full interview with Porter, Kade Medd of Benchmark, and Jennifer Evans of The HEICO Companies in an upcoming episode of EHS On Tap.

Natasha Porter, Chief Customer Officer of Benchmark Digital Partners LLC, has over 20 years of experience and leadership in the EHS and the digital solution field, with roles as a Compliance Assurance Manager, Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Program Manager, EVP, and her current role as Chief Customer Officer for Benchmark.  Her history of leading large organizational compliance and regulatory based digital initiatives for diverse global customers has been key in her career and current role.  Natasha received her B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering and graduated with a M.S.E. in Environmental Management and Economics from Johns Hopkins University.