EHS on Tap: E27 The Value of EAPs: From Productivity to Violence Prevention

In this episode we’re focusing on the health part of EHS—mental health, to be specific. The mental health of employees at your organization is an important factor affecting everything from the company’s efficiency to the likelihood of a violent incident. Unfortunately, it’s also a factor that is all too easily overlooked. Employee assistance programs, or EAPs for short, are a great tool for creating a happier, safer, and more productive workplace for employees—but there can be many challenges to implementing them.

Joining us to discuss the benefits of EAPs is Raquelle Solon, Business Solutions Engineer at FEI Behavioral Health and a speaker at BLR’s upcoming Workplace Violence Prevention Symposium.

Raquelle SolonJoin Raquelle Solon for her educational session Creating a Culture of Respect, Inclusiveness, and Support for Employees’ Mental Health: Employee Assistance Programs, Workforce Training, and More at BLR’s 2018 Workplace Violence Prevention Symposium, taking place March 6–7 in Savannah, Georgia.

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