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EHS On Tap: E121 The Challenges Women Face in EHS

On episode 121 of EHS On Tap, Megan Walters, vice president of compliance and customer success at Encamp, talks about the challenges that women face in EHS.

EHS On Tap: E117 Refocusing Safety Training with the American Red Cross

On episode 117 of EHS On Tap, David Seltzer, territory manager for Pennsylvania for the American Red Cross, talks about how the Red Cross has refocused its safety training initiatives. Recorded recently at the American Society of Safety Professionals’ Safety 2022 conference.

EHS On Tap E116: A Chat With New ASSP President Christine Sullivan

On episode 116 of EHS On Tap, Christine Sullivan, the new president of the American Society of Safety Professionals, talks about the current state of workplace safety and what she hopes to accomplish in the next year. Recorded recently at the ASSP’s Safety 2022 conference in Chicago.

EHS On Tap: E114 Celebrating the Safety Standout Awards

On episode 114 of EHS On Tap, Rachael Daniels, advertising manager for SafeStart, talks about SafeStart’s role in the annual EHS Daily Advisor Safety Standout Awards.