Airsweb AVA Talks the Talk with Languages Update

Airsweb are pleased to announce that their product AVA now supports 90 of the most used languages in the world.

Airsweb AVA has been in high demand since its release in January 2018. It combines ease of use with powerful reporting and database features. DFS, ITV, the Stobart Group and US based Silgan Dispensing, have all signed up to AVA, along with many more global organisations.

The new multi-lingual capabilities of AVA will be popular with customers who have an international presence. Product Development Director Rob Leech said, “We’re not only delighted with the breadth of languages we can now offer customers; we’re delighted with how we have achieved it.”

“In many ways, this update epitomises what we have achieved with AVA: a single code base, modern architecture and user-first design principles enable us to be much more agile than other systems.”

Once enabled, a language can be applied throughout the system to all users. Users can then select from a list of enabled languages which one they would like to use.

“But it doesn’t stop there”, Rob continues, “any label in our system can be updated by system administrators on the fly. So, if you have an internal term that you prefer, then that label can be updated in a matter of seconds by administrators and propagated to all users of that language.”

Multilingual capabilities will be available within AVA from November 2018. Contact Airsweb to find out more.