Alcumus Brings to Market Enhanced Business Intelligence Tool: Safety Intelligence

Real-time data and proactive insight to reduce workplace incidents and improve business continuity

TORONTO, ON – April 22, 2021 – Alcumus, a leading provider of technology-led risk management solutions, brings to market an enhanced version of Safety Intelligence, a robust reporting engine helping organizations leverage safety data and deliver data insights. Safety Intelligence is currently available within the Alcumus eCompliance solution helping hazardous industries across North America.

One of the largest pain points safety leaders face is being unable to aggregate and analyze key safety metrics. For example, A mid-sized construction firm of 100 employees is losing over 23,000 people hours a year, equating to $450,000 in lost time. Without clear, concise data insights, leaders cannot accurately assess a safety program and take the necessary steps to improve. 68% of business data remains unused by organizations and businesses that do use their data, perform 65% better over their peers (McKinsey, 2021).

With Alcumus Safety Intelligence, an enhanced business intelligence tool, businesses can utilize the right data to save time, prevent workplace incidents, and proactively manage their team to elevate their safety program.

“The development of Safety Intelligence is rooted in addressing key pain points faced by safety leaders every day, across North America. This has continued to be the driving force of every product release we bring to market,” says Harish Pandian, VP of Product – EHSQ, Alcumus. “The depth of this enhanced business intelligence tool is focused on revamping how safety leaders view data and the true power it holds to keep their workforce safe. It gives safety leaders the ability to slice and dice safety data to meet their businesses needs easily giving them the power of data driven safety programs. We are aiming to revolutionize the way safety leaders understand and intake data to strengthen their workforce for generations to come.”

Alcumus Safety Intelligence helps organizations by enabling them to quickly gain access to and analyze safety information, make data driven decisions and take the necessary steps to reduce incidents. This is provided through:

  •  Real-time 360-degree visibilityinto your safety program adoption and performance for safety managers, business analysts and front-line workers.
  • Simplified management and reporting through a standard set of dashboards based on the most common use cases.
  • A closed feedback loop that keeps your team and the organization informedon performance.

“As we continue to help organizations create better workplaces, our first priority is to ensure each product and feature we bring to market is geared towards creating better workplaces for all leaders,” says Tyler Davey, CEO – Alcumus North America. “This recent product announcement will also help us reach our goal to prevent 5 million workplace incidents by 2025. We look forward to seeing the positive impact Safety Intelligence, and our future product roadmap, will make.”

Safety leaders continue to face roadblocks with aggregating and analyzing key safety metrics, proactively measuring safety performance, retrieving actionable insights, and implementing proactive changes. Safety Intelligence unleashes the power of safety data gathered by frontline workers. Its intuitive dashboards enable safety leaders to proactively manage their safety programs and mitigate risk to keep people safe and create better workplaces for all.

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