Amidst a Pandemic, Arbill’s Latest Safety Innovation Provides Safety Relief

 PHILADELPHIA, PA — Arbill, a family-owned and operated company with 75 years of experience in the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) business, recently took its time-tested N95 masks and created the highest quality everyday face coverings for those serious about putting safety first. These masks provide additional protection for riskier environments.

In today’s ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, ‘prevention’ is the key to moving forward. Everyone now needs the highest quality, safest face coverings available. Whether it’s an employee returning to the workplace, a student returning to school, or everyone else returning to aspects of life outside of the home, all need the best possible protection to ward off dangerous microscopic droplets.

“The most important consideration for purchasers of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) is to understand the differences among mask options. There is a saturation of face coverings in the marketplace, and vast differences among them in terms of the ability to offer proper protection. Not all masks are equal, and if you’re going to be wearing a mask, it should be the one that can keep you the safest,” she added.

“Safety is not just what we do. It’s all we do,” said Julie Copeland, CEO and third generation member of the family-owned Arbill.”  “Since 1945, we’ve been keeping people safe. It’s a new opportunity to protect everyone, not just the specific industries we’ve been serving.”

Currently, fabric masks don’t need approval from the FDA. However, when Arbill’s two-ply fabric – the fabric used on the CoolGrey mask – was tested, the result showed the highest levels of breathability, while gaining a filtration rate of 95 percent. In addition to superior breathability, they are comfortable, provide excellent facial coverage, look great, and each mask lasts up to 50 washings, making them an environmentally friendly and economical choice.

The mandated use of seatbelts has created a dramatic decrease in deaths from automobile accidents. The wearing of face masks is seen as a contributing factor in preventing additional loss of lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When mask-wearing became a critical tool, Arbill took a science and standards approach at the onset by testing the mask’s fabric in Europe where standardization is recognized.

We now have three versions of safety kits to meet a variety of personal protective needs. Designed for infection control, in accordance with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations, Arbill’s Truline line of Everyday Safety Kits provides people with easy access to quality Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) products.

The Truline Safety Kits, which cost about the same as buying an employee lunch, provide them with a curated selection of products and for an enhanced level of protection during the pandemic. All the kits contain reusable, machine washable face coverings that have been treated with SilvadurTM a recognized antimicrobial and anti-odor agent. The Deluxe, Standard and Lite kit packages may include thermometers, hand sanitizers and gloves, providing additional barriers of protection when touching common areas.

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Arbill is the leading provider of safety services, safety technology and safety products. An award-winning supplier of all – things safety for more than seventy-five years, Arbill’s clients count on Arbill to make sure their employees go home safely after every shift. Arbill’s safety professionals are revolutionizing the way companies incorporate safety into their daily routines. Now, Arbill is also an effective resource for those in the general public who recognize the need for mask-wearing to help prevent COVID-19.

Arbill’s comprehensive SafetyCare offering includes the company’s more than 200,000 safety products (including nearly 1,000 items manufactured under Arbill’s highly respected Truline brand), over fifty Environmental Health and Safety Training Courses and Safety Technologies to create the best in the safety business. Arbill is a WBENC certified (women owned and certified business), and ISO 9001 certified.

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