BLR supercharges its EHS management solution with the integration of 12 new applications

In order to provide clients with a more comprehensive EHS solution, BLR® merges workflow platform and content powerhouse EHS Hero® and the Web-based EHS system BasicSafe in a new blended suite of applications.

BLR, EHS Hero, and BasicSafeIn order to provide clients with a more comprehensive EHS solution, BLR® a division of Simplify Compliance LLC, has introduced twelve new tools to their workflow platform EHS Hero. This upgrade merges BLR’s versatile content and online tools with BasicSafe’s actionable web-based system to keep organizations compliant and employees safe. This solution provides EHS managers the ability to spend less time on data entry and reporting, while remaining up to date on new regulations and industry best practices.

The new applications address the following EHS management areas:

  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Lockout Tagout
  • Audit Management
  • SDS Management
  • Incident Reporting & Investigation
  • Management of Change
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Permit Management
  • And More

“Now, BLR clients can take advantage of a new safety management tier of products to power the compliance content and services that EHS Hero already provides,” says Simplify Compliance VP of Marketing Kim St. Lawrence. “With these add-ons, EHS managers can simplify complex and time-consuming processes so they can focus on leadership instead of paperwork.”

BLR recognizes that EHS managers spend a significant amount of time developing and managing documents, which often prevents them from pursuing organizational and team-improvement initiatives. The new EHS Hero solution applications free up time and resources so managers can concentrate on building a safety culture and making informed decisions to meet their organization’s financial and strategic goals.

“We don’t want to see a good safety program suffer because of outdated tools or manual processes,” says BLR’s EHS Senior Product Manager and BasicSafe co-founder Kevin Shoemaker. “That is the goal of our EHS management tools—to help today’s organizations and EHS managers reach their full potential.”

The new EHS Hero solution suite will allow organizations to:

  • Access essential plans and databased information.
  • Get documents, slides, speakers notes, audio presentations, and guidance to host effective and compliant training sessions.
  • Submit pressing safety or environmental compliance, training, or best-practice questions to BLR’s team of experts and get fast and detailed answers.
  • Eliminate all hardcopy manuals, SDS Sheets, and forms for a more efficient workflow.
  • Ensure employees across all worksites have access to the most current procedures and regulations, housed in the centralized software.
  • Accommodate audits, work orders, and corrective actions.
  • Upload pictures to checklist and search for equipment names.
  • Enable notifications to ensure appropriate actions are being taken.

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