Free Guide for Attendees at Safety Conferences

A free guide for safety conference attendees has been released just in time for Safety 2016, the ASSE’s annual conference and expo.

The guide provides an overview of how safety professionals perceive conferences as well as advice on how to maximize your time and energy at a conference. It is clear that safety professionals find value in conferences, as the guide notes that  9 out of 10 people who work in safety believe that conferences are useful.

However, almost two-thirds of people also struggle to secure the necessary approval to go. Fortunately, the guide outlines several best practices for making the case to attend a safety conference. It also provides:

  • tips on networking in the safety industry
  • worksheets to plan out which speaking sessions to attend
  • what to look for in a good presenter
  • how to navigate a safety tradeshow

If you’re attending a safety show—or you’ve never been to one and would like to convince your employer to send you—this safety conference guide is an essential resource.