New Year, New Look

What a year. 2021 challenged us with supply chain concerns, the continuation of a global pandemic, and much more. Despite those issues, a lot was accomplished in 2021, and we have one more announcement as we rocket towards 2022.

Welcome to AccuformNMC™

Your voice has been loud and clear throughout 2021: Pull these two great brands into one.

That integration is well underway, and today marks our next stop on the journey. Effective January 3, 2022, we will go to market as AccuformNMC.

Here’s what this means for you (immediately) on January 1st:

  • One unified voice from our Regional Sales Managers and Rep Group Partners. As AccuformNMC, we will work together meet all your facility safety identification needs.
  • AccuformNMC branding will lead the way on literature, business cards, educational emails, trade show presence, and more.
  • A friendly “Welcome to AccuformNMC!” when you contact us on Monday, January 3rd.

What will not change on January 1st:

  • Where you prefer to call, email, or browse to. If you traditionally buy from Accuform or NMC, continue to do just that. Further integrations are planned for 2022 with much more to come.
  • Where invoices are paid. For invoice payments and more, continue to direct payments to the address noted on your specific invoice.
  • Aligned SKUs. Product and SKU alignments are well underway. With over 140,000 SKUs, the pathway towards having an aligned SKU portfolio will take time, but rest assured, we are well down the pathway, with some visible successes already live at AccuformNMC!
  • World-class customer service. Whether you call AccuformNMC at 800-237-1001 (formerly Accuform) or AccuformNMC at 800-453-2727 (formerly NMC) – expect world-class customer service.

What’s coming in 2022:

  • Further integration to help make AccuformNMC your go-to source for facility safety identification.
  • NEW products and sales initiatives to help grow your facility safety identification business.

Download our NEW logo

Download our NEW logo for use on your customer-facing eCommerce websites. Various formats are provided, however, do not hesitate to contact us with questions or additional formats. Feel free to forward this email to your website developer/marketing team.