SafetyCulture is here to support you and your team during this crisis

In just a few weeks, the world has changed entirely. Borders shut, shops and restaurants closed, and a global pandemic sweeping the earth. It has been an uncertain and destabilizing time for many of us, particularly those on the frontline. Healthcare workers, emergency services, and the education and volunteer industries are the most affected right now. SafetyCulture decided it was time to act! We’ve surfaced a list of free resources for you to use, completely free for the next 6 months.

Top COVID-19 Safety/Quality Checklists 


We must all do our part to flatten the curve; to slow the rapid rate of infection in order to help healthcare systems manage the already massive demand for medical care. While local and international quarantines force most companies to implement a strict remote work setup, some economic functions require people to physically show up for work simply because there is no other alternative.  In light of the current situation, SafetyCulture’s mission is to contribute to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic by providing resources such as iAuditor — helping frontline health workers streamline infection prevention initiatives, as well as private-sector workers perform their duties in work from home setups.

Return to Work Planning

As our environments open back up, people are telling us they will be faced with many challenges and concerns. How your company plans to restart your operations and re-enter the workplace, all the while maintaining employee/customer safety will be extremely important.

Many organizations have begun the process of implementing specific safety and quality checks as they begin their transition back to work or into a “new normal”. While many businesses are in different situations, return to work planning is something that may help you right now or in the near future.

Check out these resources to help get you started.