SafetyCulture revolutionises incident reporting with Spotlight

New app streamlines incident communication to help teams respond to issues in real-time

KANSAS CITY – 1 May 2018​ — Building on its mission to put mobile-first safety and quality  applications into workers’ hands, Australian tech company SafetyCulture has unveiled a  mobile incident reporting app – Spotlight. The app aims to radically improve the culture of  reporting by empowering frontline teams to easily report issues in real-time from a mobile  device.

Incidents, near-misses and hazards occur every day, but more often than not, management  has no visibility of these issues. In 2018, paper forms are still the most common method for  reporting an incident. These clunky systems are onerous and time-consuming, meaning  many incidents go unreported.

Spotlight functions more like WhatsApp than the traditional incident reporting process,  making it easier to report issues and get them resolved quickly. Notifications are sent  directly to team members who can fix the issue, while management get real-time visibility of  the situation.

“Spotlight is a game changer for improving workplace safety. If companies can engage  employees to easily report and resolve issues before a serious incident occurs, it could save  people from injury, the company thousands of dollars in insurance claims and potentially  lives,”  commented Luke Anear, CEO of SafetyCulture.

Spotlight was first introduced to customers in December 2017 and has seen enthusiastic  uptake from early adopters. There has been over 13,000 downloads across transport,  manufacturing, utilities, and facility management.

“Not only has Spotlight made it easier to communicate between colleagues in my organisation  but promotes reporting as they can see what actions are being taken in real time and get  feedback on what has taken place. The days of “Why report it? Nothing gets done!” will  hopefully be gone for good due to Spotlight,” ​Paul Ley, Driver Team Manager, Arriva Trains

The app is free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for iPhone,  iPad, and Android.

Real-time notifications 
Designed to improve visibility from the frontline, Spotlight sends instant notifications to the  right people. Management can triage and respond to incidents, hazards or near-misses  immediately.

Exportable activity timeline  
Spotlight logs all activity from an incident into a single timeline report that can be easily  exported and shared, providing a concise audit trail for future investigation.

Two-taps to report an incident 
New incidents can be reported in as little as two steps, with vital information such as time,  date, weather and GPS location loaded automatically. Photos and text can be quickly added  for additional context.

Actionable insights 
Spotlight turns incident data into insights, enabling businesses to learn from what has  happened and implement necessary corrective measures to prevent future incidents.
Real-time stats are available from within the app with data export available for more in-depth  analysis.

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About SafetyCulture 
SafetyCulture is on a mission to empower workers to make safety and quality a priority and improve  workplace standards. Founded in a garage in Townsville by former private investigator Luke Anear,  SafetyCulture now has more than 200 staff with operations in Australia, USA, and the UK. The  flagship app iAuditor was launched in 2012 and is used for more than 250 million audit responses  each year to ensure high safety and quality standards. Spotlight, SafetyCulture’s latest offering,  makes incident, hazard and near-miss reporting a collaborative, real-time experience for teams.
SafetyCulture supports the worker-driven movement for change at the most iconic companies in the  world, including Coles, BHP, Coca-Cola,  and Ausgrid. In order to bring the technology to all mobile  devices, SafetyCulture collaborates with Apple, Microsoft, and HP. For more information, visit