SHE Software welcomes the brightest minds in EHS to Health and Safety conferences

SHE Software, a global leader in configurable health and safety software, is hosting four exclusive conferences across America aimed at educating environment, health and safety (EHS) professionals on how to overcome challenges in workplace health and safety.

EHS Daily Advisor’s Annual Safety Progress Report for 2017 revealed that employee engagement is the most pressing concern for EHS professionals, closely followed by employees taking shortcuts and ignoring guidelines. Doing so can have serious consequences.

Statistics released by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) revealed that 5,190 workers were killed while on the job in 2016. It also reported that US businesses spend up to $170 billion a year in costs associated with injuries and illnesses.

These events are a part of a four-part ‘road show’ hosted by SHE Software and its partners, who are also travelling to New York, Seattle and California to meet with and educate EHS professionals across a range of industries and sectors.

The conferences aim to educate EHS professionals on how to implement a suitable health and safety management system that increases employee engagement and more importantly, keeps employees safe.

The event will see some of the best and brightest minds in EHS deliver seminars to share their knowledge and experience, including Josh Savit of Predictive Safety, Cheryl Kreindler of Golder, Bill Pace of Cardinus, and Matthew Elson, CEO of SHE Software.

An important range of industry topics will be covered including how to manage fatigue amongst your workforce, how to focus on the positives over the problems and what the future holds for workplace safety in the United States.

Matthew Elson, CEO of SHE Software, said: “OSHA’s statistics are a stark and shocking reminder of the serious consequences that can occur from poor EHS management.

“Our conference is all about educating EHS professionals by offering expert guidance and advice on how to overcome common challenges in workplace health and safety and how to instill a positive and inclusive safety culture that encourages vital employee engagement.”

Hailing originally from Scotland, SHE Software launched in America in early 2018 following a sharp increase in demand for its cutting edge software. The firm continues to gain global recognition for Assure, its highly configurable, state-of-the-art software solution designed to reduce risk for organizations by simplifying health and safety management.