Unleash the Power of Safety on Your Mobile Device

Modern technology has transformed our world in previously unthinkable ways. From the smartphones in our pockets to the GPS satellites that they’re connected to, technology has become incredibly embedded in our everyday lives – often without realization.

Our mobile devices empower us to order taxicabs, communicate instantly across the world, and even meet our future soulmates based on their proximity to us. When the Wi-Fi goes out or we forget our phones, we find ourselves lost. It’s important to understand the impact technology has had on our personal lives, but also the transformative effect it has on industries and society at large.

For companies in high-risk industries such as construction, mining, utilities, and manufacturing, technology has become an essential tool for keeping workers safe. Mobile apps put safety in the palm of workers’ hands, empowering them to proactively report hazards, track assets, and communicate with management in real-time.

As a safety technology solution, eCompliance works with its customers to build a strong workplace safety cultures and create open channels of communication. From the frontlines to the office, mobile app technology has proven success for capturing real-time data and engaging frontline workers. This mobile-first mentality engages frontline workers and gives them the ability to capture rich, real-time data that creates actionable insights. EHS leaders can see trends, understand root causes, and make better decisions that help save lives.

Introducing our Interactive App Tour

Unfortunately, safety professionals seeking technology solutions can sometimes feel overwhelmed with options and unsure of features. With the launch of our interactive app tour, we’ve created a solution to this problem.

The tour is an interactive journey showcasing the various functionalities the eCompliance app offers, and how they contribute to your overall safety program. Unlike the live demos offered by most software companies, this experience allows users to explore at their own convenience and pace. We’re opening the doors for everyone to learn how technology is changing safety – from the comfort of your web browser. It’s time to unleash the power of safety on your mobile device.

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