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Two Big Substance Abuse Policy Mistakes

Is your substance abuse policy effective? If the policy isn’t doing the job, you could be in for trouble. According to Attorney Mark A. de Bernardo, Esq., of Jackson Lewis LLP, employers often make mistakes in their substance abuse policies that render the policies ineffective and leave their organizations vulnerable to litigation. He cites two […]

Successful Safety Audits: Critical Issues

Safety audits help identify hazards, set safety and health goals, and prevent accidents. Before conducting an audit, though, you need to address some practical and legal considerations. How much will the audit cost?A comprehensive safety and health audit can involve a significant investment of resources. Control audit expenses by asking: Do I need a consultant?Unless […]

I2P2 Is on OSHA’s Radar—Is It on Yours?

OSHA, gearing up for a proposed rulemaking on I2P2, is presenting its case to employers and the public. "Injury and illness prevention programs (I2P2) are good for workers, good for business, and good for America." OSHA administrator David Michaels made this statement in support of a plan that would require employers to develop written safety […]

Lean Manufacturing: When More Efficiency Leads to Aching Backs

“Don’t let your lean manufacturing become anorexic,” says Certified Professional Ergonomist Chris Shulenberger, M.S. Engr., and Technical Director for Ergonomics with Bureau Veritas North America. If you do, you’ll pay the price. Over the last decade, many manufacturers have embraced “lean manufacturing,” a strategy to eliminate wasted time, motion, and storage by streamlining production, altering […]

Tips for Safe Snow Removal

Every year people die of heart attacks while shoveling heavy snow, lose fingers in snowblower accidents, and fall from icy roofs. Don’t let this happen to your employees. Train them in safe snow removal. For people who smoke or are out of shape, shoveling snow can be especially hazardous. But even nonsmokers in good shape […]

Correcting Safety Problems Before They Cause Accidents

Yesterday, we featured strategies for investigating workplace accidents. Today, we focus on methods for correcting safety problems before they cause accidents. There are two common procedures for identifying and correcting safety problems: change analysis and job safety analysis (also known as job hazard analysis or safety analysis). Change Analysis To solve a problem using the […]

I2P2: It’s on OSHA’s Mind, Is It on Yours?

Injury and illness prevention is always a big issue for safety professionals especially when incidents result in days away from work. Many companies are responding with injury and illness prevention plans. According to BLS, the total number of injury and illness cases requiring days away from work to recuperate was in 2011(the most recent year […]

4 Keys to Preventing Workplace Horseplay

Workplace horseplay can cause serious issues for both employees and companies. In a prior article, we looked at a case where an employee broke his leg engaging in horseplay. Although the injury was bad enough, there was the added difficulty of conflicting stories of the incident, and a dispute over workers’ compensation. Reduce your risk […]